By the way, is there any Gold & Silver leftover in that pretty mine were talking about that the Yukon Gov. wants to give us fro FREE after we clean it up…

If you haven’t read PART 1 : Please Read It First : Click Box Below

Will Alexco Resources Corp (AXU) Win a Gold Mine From the Yukon Government in 2017?


Article –

“The decommissioned Mt. Nansen gold mine, which contained an estimated 650,500 tonnes (grading 11.93 g/t gold and 211 g/t silver.) The multiple vein-type porphyry- and breccia-related deposits at Mt Nansen are linked to northwest-trending faults associated with strong magnetic anomalies in the immediate vicinity of northeast-striking cross faults.”

First Some More Nansen Mine History…

  • 1994
  • Exploration activities resume under BYG
  • management, leading to a feasibility study
  • predicting 650,000 tonnes of ore with a four-
  • year mine life at 50,000 ounces per year and a
  • capital investment of $7.5M.
  • 1997-1999
  • During operations the mine’s total ore
  • production is 269,000 tonnes. Recovery
  • problems limited total gold production to 35,700
  • ounces and the total capital investment was
  • approximately $14M
  • February 1999
  • BYG suspends mining and milling operations as per
  • the directive. BYG declares voluntary receivership and
  • appoints a receiver for its physical assets.

Now by my count… that means they left behind 381,000 tonnes of Gold and Silver bearing ore, give or take.. But seems it may be a bit harder to recover because of the clay based surroundings…

So when we plug in those above grade numbers… (grading 11.93 g/t gold and 211 g/t silver.)

What does that break down to in Dollar Bills and Gold Bars…

162,333 oz gold remaining   &   3,000,000 oz silver remaining— Indicated Per their Study

With an Unknown amount undiscovered….

@ $1200 Gold and $20 Silver it gives us an initial resource value of =

Mine Gold Value @ $1200 oz = $194 Million Dollars

Mine Silver Value @ $20 oz   = $60 Million Dollars

Mine Gold Value @ $1400 oz = $227 Million Dollars

Mine Silver Value @ $25 oz   = $75 Million Dollars

Total New Potential Indicated Resources to add to ALEXCO’s Bottom Line

$254 Million Dollars at first price point.

$302 Million Dollars at second price point.

So what does this mean to the share price of AXU in the future.. Anyone’s guess.. How much more or less Gold is there on the property is anyone’s guess as well.. The Tonnage was predicted in the feasibility study BYG did and their recoveries dropped as time on went on. However, they were really bad at mining… See Link

But here’s the big issue with this and how it would effect share price when the winning bidder is announced next late Fall in 2017..

Technically we won’t own the assets until the work is finished. Which may take 4-5 years or not. So technically the Resources won’t hit the AXU books until that time as well.

The big question is will the share price spike on the news of the winning Bid because everyone will know that we get the mine at the end of work. A mine that contains roughly $250Million in mineable minerals possibly and that’s at today’s prices I might add. What will GOLD and SILVER per oz price be in 5 year? And what if Gold is $2000 an oz. What will our Gold mine be worth then..

But for know I can see us adding to Year 6,7,8 of Keno Hill Silver mining, Be nice if we could top those years off with an extra 30 to 50,000 oz a Year in Gold as well and some more silver oz to boot to the bottom line..

Or it could be a creative way to remove some of Silver Wheaton’s grasp on the Keno Hill district… Maybe we could use the Gold Mine to buy back some of the current ¼ production silver stream they have on us hog tied with. We offer to transfer them a NEW a gold tream agreement on our future Gold Mine or we just give it to them out right after clean up. $150mil vs possible $300mil + win for SLW.. depends on how long they want to wait on things ??

Just something to dream about here in the ‘Land of WhatIFica’

,Where the sun shines everyday… Hope we Win that bid.. Sure would make things even more interesting for this stock. Just having some fun and trying to connect some random dots! But it is an interesting picture this dot matrix creates…

Just something else to root for this year among other things that is. This is all just a personal dream for now. But I have a knack of making dreams come true. I am the ‘Hollywood Oracle’ for Christ’s Sake !

Alexco Resources Corp (AXU) is ‘The Hollywood Oracle’s’ 2017 Stock Pick of the year. With or without this Fantasy I just Unleashed on you! If interested you should research it..

Disclosure : The HollywoodOracle is an entertainment Website that comments on things that it finds interesting across many interests. In this case we are commenting on a Junior Sliver Minor stock (Alexco Resources – AXU). We are not being paid to write this article but we do own shares in the company. And like to offer our research and opinions on these things when we find something useful that might benefit ourselves as well as others.

All Cited Sources Listed Below:

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As I mentioned on AXU’s Ihub message board on Dec 30 2016, Alexco’s Environmental Group A.k.a Their mine reclamation division is a Top 3 Finalist to win the cleanup reclamation work on Mt Nansen Gold Mine in the Yukon. Seemed to me initially to be maybe a few million $$ project for us added on to AXU’s bottom line if we won the contract.. No big deal right.. But curious about the project because crap like this interests me, I dug a little deeper.

Disclosure : The HollywoodOracle is an entertainment Website that comments on things that it finds interesting across many fields. In this case we are commenting on a Junior Sliver Minor stock (Alexco Resource Corp – AXU). We are not being paid to write this article but we do own shares in the company. And from time to time like to offer our research and opinions on these things when we find something useful that might benefit ourselves as well as others.


As I mentioned on AXU’s Ihub message board on Dec 30, 2016, Alexco’s Environmental Reclamation Division is a Top 3 Finalist to win the cleanup reclamation work on Mt Nansen Gold Mine in the Yukon. Seemed to me initially to be maybe a few million $$ project for us to be added on to AXU’s bottom line if we won the contract.. No big deal right.. But more curious about the project and because crap like this interests me, I dug a little deeper.

So now after further DD on my part I have put more of the facts and info together about this interesting project that could alter AXU share prices going forward in the long term, in a big way… Read It and Weep!

Please understand this is me just connecting a bunch of random news story dots to tell a bigger story. One that if you read between the lines could mean big things a head for this little resource company out of the Yukon!! I will be referencing articles as I go along to explain what I’m talking about.

The Previous Mentioned Article… In regards to Bid Finalists for reclamation of the Mt. Nansen Gold Mine…. Dated Dec 22, 2017

Further Info –

“Among the three is Alexco Environmental Group, a subsidiary of the Alexco Resource Corp., the parent company which holds the exploration and mining rights to the historic Keno Silver District. Alexco Environmental is overseeing the reclamation of more than 100 years of mining in the district while its parent company continues with mining and exploration initiatives.

A numbered Yukon company, 536086 Yukon Inc., in partnership with Canadian-owned Merit Consultants International, a Canadian company that has been providing mining services around the world since 1983, has also been selected.

As well, Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd., an oilfield construction company based in Edmonton with more than 50 years’ experience, has been shortlisted.”

My Opinion Now on this part…

Now… Out of those 3 companies, who do you think is going to be the logical winner in that project bidding war. Two of those three companies I think have a chance, Alexco Resources being one of them. Seems obvious to me that we should be the logical choice since we’re only 120 miles from that mine location from our current Keno Hill mines and we are already doing this type of work for the Yukon Gov.… If you knew the whole Alexco story like I do you will understand what I mean here. If not, you need to research the company further on your own.

So let’s head on over to the Fantasy Land of ‘What-IF-ica’ and see what could be…

Now lets say ALEXCO wins this reclamation contract… Tell us what we win Bob….

Court Docs-

“Now, after years of negotiation, the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation, the Yukon Government and the federal government have endorsed a plan to sell the property to a qualified clean-up contractor.

Now, the mine is for sale to whomever is willing to take on a “government subsidized remediation project,” according to Veale.

The purchaser will be required to prepare a detailed design for the remediation plan, subject to peer review, and YESAA (Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Act) approval.

Required tasks include de-watering the Mount Nansen pit in preparation to accept 354,000 cubic metres of waste rock and more than 300,000 cubic metres of tailings and contaminated soil, then sealing the pit with a permanent liner.

The plan calls for a clean up “as close to walk away as possible,” with nothing left on site that is not required for long term monitoring and maintenance.

The winning proponent will have up to 10 years to complete the tasks required, and could then acquire permits to mine any viable mineral deposits on the property.”


…. could then acquire permits to mine any viable mineral deposits on the property….

As well as receive all of the remaining B.Y.G. assets remaining on the property:

Just for reference the Existing Assets, Surface Facilities and Infrastructure

56 mineral claims and leases that relate to the core property and where the processing mill buildings, tailings storage facility, camp buildings, and Brown-McDade Open Pit are located;

1 surface license and 2 surface leases; and

Infrastructure and equipment (together referred to as the “


My Opinion On This –

Point of fact, the remaining surface assets mentioned above do not equal the cost of the Reclamation work.. But remember 2 things, One is.. ‘in the ground’ assets (silver deposit) doesn’t count on the books until it’s pulled out of the ground… It just a rock until then…

So the winning bidder pays for the mine site cleanup them selves and they have 10 years time to do it. But whenever they complete the clean-up.. They will own the Assets out right and can start mining there again for profit…

OK… So Far So good… But how Much is that gonna cost AXU to clean it up if they win the contract then…


“The estimated cost of cleaning up the abandoned Mt Nansen Gold mine site is pegged at $23 million give or take, according to Supreme Court Justice Ron Veale’s judgment.”

Second thing is…   “The winning bidder doesn’t have to pay for the clean-up.”


The cost of the Remediation Work will be funded by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development of the Government of Canada”

My Opinion on this …

So It will cost the winning bidder ZERO dollars to clean up the site.. But they get to keep All the surface assets, the mine and remaining 50+ claims surrounding the mine afterwords so to possibly re-start the mining operations… Sounds familiar to me… Alexco @ Keno Hill…

By the way, is there any Gold & Silver leftover in that pretty mine were talking about that the Yukon Gov. wants to give the winning bidder for FREE after we clean it up…

CLICK TO READ PART 2 : Alexco Resources (AXU) May Win Rights to A $200 Million Dollar Gold Mine Up For Grabs In The Yukon Territory.

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Bad screenplays have been made into good films and great screenplays have been turned in to utter garbage on the big screen. Just know that it’s out of your hands the minute you sell it. But until that moment it’s up to you to make it the best screenplay possible.

If we go back to these, will television get better?

If we go back to these, will television get better?

Here is a good rule to follow (like all rules it’s meant to be broken but like all rules, follow it before you decide that you have a good reason to stray): Go through your screenplay. Take every piece of static description, and reduce it to one sentence. Work on that sentence until it gives the facts and the images you want. Limit your description

If you have spent the last 6 months hidden away in your room creating your masterpiece screenplay, the last thing you are going to want to hear is that the reader feels like the screenplay is never ending, especially if the reader feels like this just 10 pages in. Sidenote: If …

Hope that helps you up and coming screenwriters. Good knows we need all the help we can get put here in LA

Hollywood and Broadway are often thought of as different worlds, but recently, the celebrities of the silver screen have been taking to the stage in performances in classic and new shows. Next time you’re in New York City, you may be surprised to see your favorite movie star headlining a show. Check out these Hollywood celebs who are starring in Broadway shows to get your film and stage fix.

Emma Stone in “Cabaret”


This classic yet risque show loved by many Broadway fans introduces its newest star, Emma Stone. Known for her roles in comedies like “Superbad” and “Easy A” and action films like the new “Spiderman” movies, Stone is proving her range with her stage debut. New York City Theatre calls her performance, “a perfectly balanced Sally who strikes the line between sensuality and tragic circumstance.” “Cabaret” first debuted in 1966 and is set in a 1930s Berlin burlesque. Stone is set to star in the show until mid-February, but we’re all looking forward to her future on Broadway.

Hugh Jackman in “The River”

You may remember Hugh Jackman’s performance in the film version of “Les Miserables,” but his Broadway stardom does not end there. Jackman, who has already won a Tony Award, headlines “The River,” a play by Jez Butterworth who also wrote the hit show “Jerusalem.” According to Telecharge, the “erotic, chilling and poetic” story portrays a man and woman in a remote fishing cabin who are trying to recapture someone they’ve lost through each other.

Jason Biggs and Elisabeth Moss in “The Heidi Chronicles”

Known for comedies such as “American Pie” and “Saving Silverman” as well as his recent role in the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” Jason Biggs joins “Mad Men” star Elisabeth Moss in the revival of the 1988 play by Wendy Wasserstein “The Heidi Chronicles.” In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Moss says she likes how identifiable the character of Heidi is. “That concept of ‘having it all’ is so timeless and it’s something that of course women deal with today everyday, and it’s relevant to women of any age,” she explains. Jason Biggs plays Heidi’s love interest and said he remembers the play when it debuted at the same time as his own Broadway debut. Although it is neither of the actors’ first Broadway plays, it may just be one of their best. “The Heidi Chronicles” officially opens in March 2015.

Bradley Cooper in “The Elephant Man”

Bradley Cooper has shown his extreme range in acting in slapstick comedies like “The Hangover” and serious dramatic roles such as his latest film “American Sniper.” Now, Cooper is trying his hand at Broadway. According to New York Theatre Guide, “The Elephant Man” is based on the true-life story of John Merrick, played by Cooper, who suffered severe disfigurement, which lead to his headlining carnival freak shows. The show opened Dec. 7 and is set to run through the end of February.

James Earl Jones in “You Can’t Take It With You”

James Earl Jones brings his familiar face and voice to “You Can’t Take It With You,” a lighthearted theater classic that originally debuted on Broadway in 1936. According to, this revival of the show has been such a hit that it has been extended through the end of February 2015. The story is that of the classic awkward dinner between an eccentric family and the parents of their son’s new fiance. No matter how many times you see it, you won’t want to miss this Broadway staple with James Earl Jones headlining.


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There are movies that are memorable, and then there are movies that are memorable because of their cars. From the Volkswagen Beetle in the “Love Bug” to the AMC Pacer in “Wayne’s World” to the Ferrari in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” there have been all kinds of cars in all kinds of movies that audiences will always remember.

Here are three of the most iconic movie cars of all time:

#1: The 1977 Pontiac Special Edition Trans Am

film carWhile the actors did a great job in “Smokey and the Bandit,” everyone remembers the car in the movie. The Limited Edition Trans Ams built in 1977 (known then as Bandit Trans Ams) were standard, but then were made available with an extra-cost package and labeled as Special Editions. The car could be ordered with a T-Top or Coupe. Pontiac ended up building around 15,000 Special Edition Trans Ams.

The car came with standard safety, anti-theft, convenience and emissions control features that most cars were equipped with at the time. There was one thing that Special Edition Trans Ams didn’t have, though: Gold. It was everywhere. The car was decked out in custom gold decals, gold body striping, and gold interior and exterior accents. Gold aluminum wheels were available for the public, however, and you can still get them online today.

#2: The 1982 De Lorean DMC-12

The movie “Back to the Future” gave the 1982 De Lorean DMC-12 a prominent place in iconic car history. Around 9,000 of them were manufactured from 1981 to 1983. Today, there are still 6,500 De Loreans in existence. The DMC- 12 had a fiberglass underbody and gull-wing doors, but most features were basic. They were never factory-painted; they came in bare stainless steel and had standard interior colors of either black or grey. The cars were made in North Ireland and production stopped in late 1982.

#3: The 1993 Ford Explorer XLT

“Jurassic Park” and its dinosaurs had an impact on audiences, not only for its special effects, but because of the 1993 Ford Explorer XLT. The Explorer was chosen for the movie because Steven Spielberg liked and was driving one at the time of production.

The green 1993 Ford XLT in the movie had custom yellow bumpers, a Plexiglass roof, and a touch-screen computer monitor inside to act as a guide on the tour of the park. The Eddie Bauer edition of the Explorer that came with painted grilles, but the XLTs did not; the bumpers were switched out for the movie so they could be painted with the movie’s “Jurassic Camo” pattern.

The Ford Explorer has come a long way since its Jurassic Park days. Instead of a Plexiglass roof, the 2015 Explorer has a power sunroof. Instead of a touch screen TV, it has rear DVD entertainment, and today the Explorer has a blind-spot monitor option, whereas in 1993 the only option to check your blind spot was looking over your shoulder.

Final note

It can be a Lamborghini, a Chevy Impala, a Pacer, or even a Cadillac hearse. It might be the inevitable chase scene or simply an object of admiration. Whatever the reason, some cars are just more iconic than others, especially in the movies.


Cinematography requires more than just pointing the camera at a subject or scene. It requires attention to subject, foreground, background and lighting. The light around the scene or subject affects how the movie is perceived and what feelings it evokes. A scene shot in bright sunlight differs vastly in mood and tone from a subject filmed at night or in low light. Getting the perfect lighting for a scene enables the filmmaker to control how the viewer sees the scene.

Natural Light

shutterstock_144019672Filmmaker Noam Kroll reminds fellow filmmakers and novices that it might seem easier to shoot with natural light because there’s no lighting equipment to deal with; however, he explains that the trade-off is that there is some control lost and more planning required to work with available light. He says using the right camera for either daylight or nighttime filming is important to the film quality. For example, the Balckmagic Cinema Camera is a reliable choice for filming outside during the day while the C300 or the 5D MKIII are reasonable choices for filming at night, states Kroll.

Likewise, the right lenses are required for natural light—daytime shots call for low contrast lenses and nighttime shots require fast lenses. Even with natural light, filmmakers may need to fill in or reflect light to get the right amount of visibility. Mirror boards, flags and other reflectors and blockers do the job. If you want to shoot with natural light inside, shades, blinds or blackout curtains might be necessary to adjust the amount of light and glare coming into the room. In addition, you can avoid dark, obscuring shadows by shooting with the sun behind the actors. And, if you want a night scene, film during dusk or twilight because you still will have enough natural light, the right amount of darkness and shadows to control visibility without electric lights.

Filming at Night

Filming at night poses unique lighting challenges. The filmmaker has to pay more attention to how the viewer sees the scene in a low light situation and has to use more reflected light to illuminate specific subjects. It requires small sources of light to spotlight different areas, not strong overhead lights. Natural sources of reflection such as snow or the wet ground are as important as using white cards and reflectors to manipulate light at night.

Lighting Techniques

You can create dramatic effect, tension, apprehension, impending doom or any other emotion with lighting techniques. Here are just a few examples:

  • Using a soft front light and stronger light from the back will create shadows and light that can convey fear, anticipation and dark moods like anger or depression.
  • Mixing color temperatures, cool blues and greens with hot reds, yellows and oranges will create a technical or edgy feel.
  • Lighting from below with strong lighting can create a threatening, menacing mood.
  • Using soft lighting from below will put the subject in a flattering light.


Backlighting is used extensively in film to get sharp definition. Without backlighting, scenes and subjects are smudged with uncontrolled shadow and light. Although this may be the effect the filmmaker is looking for, it is not ideal for an entire film. On the other hand, with backlighting, subjects are in focus and there is an increased contrast and sharpness even in low light.

Finally, Steven Spielberg reminds filmmakers that more isn’t always better. More lighting doesn’t always create the right effect, but it can provide more control.

The Ice Bucket challenge has been a big social media hit recently, with celebrities from across the globe pouring buckets of ice water over themselves to help raise money for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The viral campaign raised more than $15.6 million from July 29 through August 18, compared to $1.8 million during the same period in 2013, according to NBC News.

This celebrity charity challenge highlights the ability of big stars to bring attention to a good cause. If it’s inspired you, you may be wondering how you can get involved with your favorite celebrity cause. But with dozens of famous people regularly contributing time and money to all sorts of charitable organizations, it’s important to do a little research first.

Pinpointing the charity

hollywood charititesIf you already have a celebrity in mind, it’s easy to find out which charities he or she supports, just by doing a little Internet research. Sites like have a long list of celebrities along with the causes they support. For example, you’ll see that Brad Pitt has supported nearly 40 charities and foundations, which means you’ll have plenty to choose from if he’s your favorite celeb. It also includes a list of particular causes that are close to his heart, like homelessness and human rights, the environment, missing children, and peace.

While you want to do something that’s in line with what your favorite star supports, it’s also important to pick a cause that you care about as well. If something on the list hits home with you, make a note of that and go from there. Ideally, choose at least a few, just in case further research determines that the organization isn’t one that you wish to support.

Research the charities

Next, you’ll want to research the charities on your list. Just because your favorite celebrity is involved with it, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a good one. Celebrities can be taken advantage of just like the average person. The Internet has made it easier than ever to obtain information about a non-profit’s finances, so you’ll want to be sure that the organization is using its donations in the best way possible.

You can check the legitimacy of a charity by looking it up on, in order to make sure that it’s a tax-exempt organization in good standing with the IRS. You can also perform research on sites like the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator and GiveWell in addition to obtaining information from the charity’s website, looking for positive, widespread results.

Avoiding charity scams and protecting your personal information

Unfortunately, there are some less than scrupulous people out there looking to take advantage of your generous nature, which makes it essential to be aware of red flags that could indicate a scam. Avoid any organization that refuses to provide information about its identity, mission, how funds are used, or won’t provide proof that your contribution is tax deductible. If it uses a name that is similar to a well-known reputable organization or tries to pressure you into donating immediately so that you don’t have time to research its legitimacy, beware.

Other red flags include asking for cash donations, guaranteeing sweepstakes winnings in exchange for your donation, or offering to send an overnight delivery service to immediately collect the donation.

To further protect your financial health, as well as your overall well-being, using a service like LifeLock is one of the best ways to ensure the security of your personal identity while still allowing you to contribute to a great cause.