On any given film shoot, especially one that’s on location that runs longer than 2 weeks, crew members will seem to find themselves with a lot of free time on their hands while on set. No matter what department you are in, you will always end up having to wait on someone or something else to happen before you can continue your job duties. I’m talking hours of waiting at a time. Camera’s always waiting for lighting, lighting is always waiting for the grips. Then the camera begins waiting for the director, who always seems to be waiting for something no one else knows about! Then there’s the waiting for the talent that’s always with hair and make-up, don’t get me started on them. Point is, there’s lots of frick’n waiting on set. You gonna need something to do. Luckily for you, I’ve created this simple little starter-kit for you. My Top 10 Things you should be doing while you wait for those clouds to move out of frame. Listed in reverse order for suspense purposes.

Top 10 Things To Do On A Hollywood Film Set:

pajuice10. Sneak some food and or some ice cream from the catering truck when they’re not there.. (They hate that, don’t get caught! But it sure is fun to have when no one else has one. Easy to get caught that way too. If you’re the only one that is with an Otter-Pop in hand.)

9. Sit down on your ass and take a nap.. You’ve been working hard. 12 / 14 / 16 hour days.. It’s Allowed. Sneak away.. That’s why you have a walkie talkie to wake you up! But make sure you say the right thing after getting abruptly awoke from a snooze, or everyone on set will know what you were doing. That’s when the best jokes are played. SLEEPER BEWARE : (See Here For Correct – Walkie Talkie Lingo)

8. Pick-up a broom and start sweeping, no matter what department you are apart of stuff always needs cleaning or fixing. Plus, It will make you look good to the hire ups, especially if you’re the new guy. And if you do something when you’re not asked to, well that’s just unheard of in this town, so watch out if you do that. Who knows what will happen, you might just find yourself promoted, but probably not. You are not above anything. Who do you thinks gets to wipe down the port-a-potty every night on those small remote sets. Hello Mr P.A. !

7. Go hit on those Hot extras who are just as board as you are. Just make sure you’re not hitting on the Director’s favorite or you just might find yourself up port-a-potty creek a lot sooner than you think!

6. Hop on your tablet or smart phone and start surfing the web or even start playing some games. If you’re looking for Film Set related content you should check out (PaJuice.com). They have some great movie set humor and photos that are uploaded daily from movie sets around the world. If online games are your thing check out (FoxyBingo.com). Who doesn’t love bingo? Plus, He’s foxy…!

5. Better yet, get on your smart phone and download some filmmaking apps, like these (The 10 Best Filmmaking Apps for Your Smart Phone) these might make you more valuable and marketable in your specific career field in the future. More so than playing Angry Birds, I guarantee it. Or maybe you download an app that just helps you become a more well-rounded individual. Like learning a new language. Imagine becoming fluent in Spanish over the course of 4 months of shooting. This job your on is paying you to stand around a lot and wait. Have you heard of the saying “Hurry Up and Wait” that’s from us in Hollywood. You might as well use your time wisely and learn other things. So start using the technology that is now at fingertips for good, not evil and start taking advantage of productions stupidity.. I mean generosity and learn something.

4. Eat Snacks from the Open Catering Truck. This is the only industry where at any one moment you can always find someone eating on the job, sleeping on the job, doing the job and usually there’s someone also saying ‘Can’t do it. That’s not my Job’. And no one gets in trouble or fired. It’s a wacky environment. I Like it!

3. If it’s Friday on set. You better be looking for the $5 Money Bucket Guy. Every Friday all crew members write their name on a $5 bill and throw it in the bucket. After the Martini Shot the drawing commences winner takes all. Makes for a good weekend if you can manage a win on a 150 crew production.

2. Stare off into Space (My favorite.)

1. Go Learn another department on set. Get diversified. Just like buying stocks, you need to be diversified in Hollywood, especially if you want to survive the rough times. The more job hats you can wear on a production, the more valuable you’ll become and with that, the more job security you will have throughout your time here.

There you have it..
Be Excellent to Each Other.   And… Party On Dudes!

The Oracle Has Spoken…

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