Is That Your Final Answer..? No Whammy..  No Whammy.. Big Bucks!

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(PART 1 – Move to LA – Be on a Game Show… Tryout for Reality Tv… )

After going on multiple game show tryouts & reality show tryouts I’ve decided to bequeath to you ‘My 10 best Hollywood Secrets to get on a Game Show or get on a Reality Show’.

Game showTip #1 – Know your strengths – If your not that into Pop Culture, don’t tryout for a trivia show. If you know you could never eat a cow eye, don’t try out for Fear Factor. Get my point!

Tip #2 – This genre of television relies heavily on finding contestants that fit into the generic stereotypes we love to love or love to hate. The Tv world has helped re-enforce everyone of these stereotypes for a reason, because each one of us (The Viewer) can connect with one of those types on a personal level. Which means ratings if they can hook you. The Nerd, the dumb blonde, surfer, rocker, hick and any other one you can think of right now. Point is, whatever one you fall into or are at least comfortable portraying.. Work it! The more over the top the better. You need to treat these interviews like acting jobs. Get into character. They don’t want normal and calm.

Tip #3 – Be overly animated.. Stiff as a board ain’t gonna get it done. You won’t be remembered

Tip #4 – Some of these tryouts can get you in front of some very important casting agents, even on the dumbest shows. So use this easy access to them to your advantage. Bring a headshot if you got one. Ask if you can leave it for future projects. It won’t hurt your chances and it’s a way to leave an extra impression on the casting person that’s working.

Tip #5 – Many of these auditions are on Studio production lots or in Large secured office buildings that house multiple production companies. Don’t waste this unlimited access you have once your thru the main gate. After your audition you should take a walk around, see what else is going on in the building or on the lot. Have your resume with you at all times. If you see furniture trucks or equipment rental trucks unloading. See where there going. It means a new production is just gearing up. Which means they need staff as well. Go find the Production Coordinator or Production Manager and ask some questions. Play dumb, pretend your lost.. Whatever it takes! At least ask who you can contact or send a resume to.

Tip #6 – Be nice to the assistant’s and coordinators running the auditions. If they red flag you as ‘problematic’ your info questionnaire / contact form you filled out earlier is sure to get lost in the trash can at some point, intentionally or unintentionally. :)

Tip # 7 – Don’t get your hopes up. Remember choosing the correct type of show that caters to your personality will give you a better chance at being selected. Think of them as learning experiences that will give great insight into the inner workings of a Tv Show. Once you go on one, you will realize that this business is not that scary and your direct competition in Hollywood, whether it be career or game show contestant, is not that smart.

Tip # 8 – Not all shows pay money out or give prizes. Some rely on the fact that you just want to get on Tv. It will be up to you to decide if a project like that is worth it. If anything, try to get them to at least pay you for your time on set.

Tip #9 – There are a few websites out there cater to these type of casting postings. One you should always look over is
It’s free and still used by many companies in need of some contestants on the fly. The rest are listed in our Hollywood Survival Guide e book. We can’t give away all our secrets for free.

Tip #10 – (Game Show Testing) – Occasionally you will come across an ad that says something along the lines of “looking for contestants to test out games for our new show.” You most likely be offered $100 to $150 for 4 hours of work. During this time you will be in a room with producers and game designers running thru the possible games they will be using in there upcoming production. Kind a like a run through for them to see what works and what doesn’t. Take the money, it’s easy and fun. If your personality stands out and you have a good time and make an impression. You just may be asked to come back for the real show. Or you may just get asked back when they start doing the real casting. Once again at this stage, the company may be staffing up so bring your resume if you think a job might be the better option for you, you never know!

Hope these tips help you out. Once again, it’s not that hard if you have the right mindset. Plus, it gives you unlimited access to other companies and other careers you may not be thinking of. And for some of you, it will put your mind at easy finally knowing who your competition is in the big ‘Game‘ of Hollywood. It’s a great way to get your feet wet. Good Luck or in the case ‘Press Your Luck’

See you in Hollywood soon..

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