Stranger things have happened in LA. I mean common, this is the land of make-believe, where dreams do sometimes come true. Could the Miami Dolphins soon be headed to Southern California? Trading beautiful South Beach, Fla for the Hippie enclave of Venice Beach, Ca. This fish tale has all the makings of a billion dollar grossing pixar cartoon with all the drama of a J.J Abrams script. Except for one thing… No actors want to be apart of it. So guess what, no matter how much you hype the script and the slew of possible would be directors. This movie will never be made anytime soon. So PLEASE… For the love of god, stop getting the hopes up of every lifetime long Los Angeles resident.

So, this 2013 NFL season in Los Angeles will be just like it was before. Local sports bars filled with NFL fans sporting their hometown jerseys. Jersey’s from Chicago, New York, San Francisco and every other team not from L.A. Cause let’s face it, 65% of Los Angeleno’s are NOT from L.A originally, they’re all transplants. So for them, they don’t really care if L.A. ever gets a team. Plus the fact they love making fun of their friends who are longtime LA locals. These fans will be stuck rooting for their NFL fantasy team or rooting for their 3 team parlay bet that they just made. Speaking of NFL betting, 2013 NFL Future bets are in full swing. So check out your favorite teams odds and place that bet before it’s to late. However, there is one bet that’s a lock for the next 5 years. No NFL team will be playing in L.A. You can bet the farm on that one.

Now back to our NFL FILMS preview of  ‘A Fish Tale’. It seems the Miami Dolphins were wanting some renovations done to their stadium and asked their local legislature to provide the funds for the project. We’ll guess what, the legislature ended it’s session without approving any funds. CEO Mike Dee said in a TV interview that his team won’t pay for any renovations to Sun Life Stadium. “We cannot do this without private-public partnership.” So what does this all mean? Well, for one thing, the Dolphins just lost any bid to host any upcoming Super Bowls. However, Dee does say the 73 year old owner Stephen Ross has no intentions to move the franchise, but at some point he’ll sell the team and the aging stadium will be an issue for the new owner. The Dolphins are one of the only franchises in the NFL that do not have a long-term stadium deal in place. So will the new owner just up and move the team? That’s the billion dollar question. As for now, Mr. Anschutz can tell Sea World that their water mammal rescue truck and wet-team is to be placed on stand-by. There will be no transferring of Flipper anytime soon to the West coast. As for now it’s all much ado about nothing.

It reminds me of the movie ‘The Great White Hype’ starring Samuel L. Jackson and Damon Wayans.  Not really the movie itself, because it was awful but more of the story line it follows. Mr. Jackson plays the role of a Don King esq. type character. A fight promoter who begins promoting the next biggest fight of the century. Only to have it all end in the first 3 seconds in the ring of round one. Hence, The Great White Hype.

Rich people need to stop toying with Los Angeleno’s emotions. Every few years some rich guy gets LA locals all wound up about his plans to bring an NFL team back to our beloved city. This time around, the billionaire in the clown suit trying to get our attention is Philip Anschutz of AEG. How about you figure out what you’re doing with your own company before you tell us what your grand plans are for football in LA. According to the L.A. Times, after seeking a buyer for many months, billionaire owner of AEG abruptly took his company off the market and decided to part ways with CEO Tim Leiweke, the company’s public face and force behind LA Live and the plan to build an NFL stadium downtown. Thanks for nothing, Clown!

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