Hollywood careers are projected to grow due to strong public demand for film and television content, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While you can get started in many exciting Hollywood careers without a college degree, you should have a high school diploma. Begin a high school online degree program as a way to quickly finish your high school degree if you did not graduate. Having your diploma will earn you both more respect and more money—$338,000 more according to Peen Foster—in these positions. Then you’ll be ready to move to the land of the stars and start job hunting!

Hollywood image by sfxeric via Flickr.

1. Production intern

Interning on a TV or film set as a production intern gives you a good eye for what it’s like to work with Hollywood types. If you know you want to be in the entertainment industry but aren’t yet sure what job you really want, this can help you narrow your focus. Identify opportunities by looking on job boards, or by approaching people you know in the industry to see whether you can help out on one of their next projects.

2. Stand-up comedian

Hollywood has a thriving comedy scene, and you never know what studio bigwig will be in the audience looking for fresh new faces. The stand-up scene has sets the bar low bar for entry, but you must be willing to get up on stage and bomb. Write and rewrite jokes until you feel they’re funny, drawing on your own life, national events and pop culture for material. Next, practice your material on your friends and family members, seeking advice on delivery and timing. When you feel ready, attend open mic nights at local comedy clubs and do your act. As you improve, you’ll be invited to come onstage and given more stage time, building a presence and recognition. Stephen Merchant found success, and recommends budding comedians keep writing to stay sharp.

3. Stunt double

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you could enjoy participating in risky action and doubling as a stand-in for one of Hollywood’s most famous with a stunt double career. Los Angeles has many stunt schools that offer basic boot camp-style classes that will give you the foundation to start a stunt career. There, you can learn trampolining, high falls, low falls, fist fights, fire stunts and more. A reputable school will offer a foundation in basic stunts, advanced stunts if you want to specialize and tips for landing your first job.

4. Film extra

Being an extra is a fun way to earn some money and get screen time. Sign up with an extra casting service to get started. You’ll go out on casting calls and be in crowd scenes in major motion pictures and TV shows. This could be a great way to network and meet people who could help advance your career in the future.

5. Radio promoter

If you love the music scene and have an outgoing personality, you can try your hand at radio promotion. A radio promoter helps music get on the air by contacting different radio stations and DJs and convincing them the song will be a hit. Good promoters strategize their by genre. They might approach college radio about an indie pop song, hoping to give it some underground press before approaching more mainstream alt radio stations. Find internships with record labels and independent musicians, or ask your friend with the band if you can get some copies to promote their new single.

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