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50% off Hollywood Survival GuideThis amazing one of a kind E-book is over 100+ pages of Hollywood Gold. It will show you how to move to Hollywood, how to find a film job or any other entertainment career. It even tells you what areas of this city are the best to live in and which ones you should avoid. It was created and written by a talented group of like-minded entertainment career professionals that currently live and work in LA in the entertainment industry.  These insiders banded together under one name ‘The Hollywood Oracle‘ to create the most comprehensive downloadable resource ever conceived that offers all the insights, tips and tools you’ll need to set a successful course in one of the most interesting and exciting cities in the world, Los Angeles, California. Let us help you break into Hollywood. Let us take the ‘Risk’ out of the Business.

Like many big cities, life can be hard when starting out. At least 30% of the people that decided to move to LA and pursue their dreams never made it, they went back home. Some were not prepared for the commitment needed, others did not realize the level of competition they would face in their effort to get discovered. Having a college degree, being a computer whiz, good looks and raw talent do not guarantee you a shot at the big time (or even a job at the hip coffee shop on Beverly Blvd). Within the pages of this resource guide are the elements that will help you on your journey in starting a successful and lasting career in Hollywood. Having a full understanding of the Hollywood environment before you get here will give you a big edge over your competition. Otherwise, it may take you months if not years to fully understand the big Hollywood picture.

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