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I hope everyone had an amazing break from reality over the holidays, but it’s time to snap back and get your head on straight. Production life continues on in Hollywood 24/7 and will do so indefinitely with or without you. So, assuming the Mayans are dead wrong and the world isn’t going to come to an end this year, we here at THO have planned some great things for you in 2012. So pay attention and don’t stray to far away, we know people who know people, if you catch my drift. You can’t afford to miss what’s coming! Cause Jack Bauer ain’t gonna be around to help you or save you when your ‘Hollywood Time‘ comes calling. We’re all you got… Otherwise you’re on your own. Good Luck!

Business First… As you can see, we’ve been busy prettying things up around here. Hope you enjoy the new look. Tell us what you think, to much or just right? We also just wrapped up the New 2012 Edition of our ‘Hollywood Survival Guide’. If you haven’t checked this downloadable comprehensive guide out yet you should, that is if you’re still considering the big move out west. Trust Us… It will be the best $9.95 you ever spent!

So Let’s Get To It…

To get the new year started off with a big bang here at The Oracle, we’ve prepared a great “Insider Spotlight Interview‘ for you tomorrow on Jan 13, 2012. It’s with award-winning Hollywood screenwriter, playwright, script consultant and screenwriting instructor, Gary Goldstein. He was kind enough to take a break from his busy schedule to sit down with us to answer some questions that shed some light on the art of screenwriting and the sometimes long road it takes to become an award-winning screenwriter. For more info about Gary Goldstein’s screenwriting background and credits click on the following link.  http://www.valleyactors.com/

And to follow that up, if you really like what Gary had to say in our interview you can also check out and or register for his upcoming 6 week screenwriting workshop entitled ‘The Screenwriters Space – Writing for Film and Television‘ which actually begins next week Jan 21st at ‘The Actors Space West’ in LA. For more info about his screenwriting course and the many other classes and workshops that are offered thru this facility click on the following link. http://www.valleyactors.com/

That’s all the time I have for now… Make sure you check back tomorrow for our compelling in depth interview with Gary Goldstein. Be the first to read his Hollywood story here and learn what it takes to be a true Hollywood Screenwriter.

See u Tomorrow…

The Oracle

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  1. Phil says:


    I live in Chicago, and I’m not in the entertainment industry at all. I have an excellent story for a book/movie, but don’t have any idea how to get it to a writer, to share 50/50 with. Is that kind of arrangement even done in Hollywood? Please advise as well as any pointers in this direction if you could. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


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