By the way, is there any Gold & Silver leftover in that pretty mine were talking about that the Yukon Gov. wants to give us fro FREE after we clean it up…

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Will Alexco Resources Corp (AXU) Win a Gold Mine From the Yukon Government in 2017?


Article –

“The decommissioned Mt. Nansen gold mine, which contained an estimated 650,500 tonnes (grading 11.93 g/t gold and 211 g/t silver.) The multiple vein-type porphyry- and breccia-related deposits at Mt Nansen are linked to northwest-trending faults associated with strong magnetic anomalies in the immediate vicinity of northeast-striking cross faults.”

First Some More Nansen Mine History…

  • 1994
  • Exploration activities resume under BYG
  • management, leading to a feasibility study
  • predicting 650,000 tonnes of ore with a four-
  • year mine life at 50,000 ounces per year and a
  • capital investment of $7.5M.
  • 1997-1999
  • During operations the mine’s total ore
  • production is 269,000 tonnes. Recovery
  • problems limited total gold production to 35,700
  • ounces and the total capital investment was
  • approximately $14M
  • February 1999
  • BYG suspends mining and milling operations as per
  • the directive. BYG declares voluntary receivership and
  • appoints a receiver for its physical assets.

Now by my count… that means they left behind 381,000 tonnes of Gold and Silver bearing ore, give or take.. But seems it may be a bit harder to recover because of the clay based surroundings…

So when we plug in those above grade numbers… (grading 11.93 g/t gold and 211 g/t silver.)

What does that break down to in Dollar Bills and Gold Bars…

162,333 oz gold remaining   &   3,000,000 oz silver remaining— Indicated Per their Study

With an Unknown amount undiscovered….

@ $1200 Gold and $20 Silver it gives us an initial resource value of =

Mine Gold Value @ $1200 oz = $194 Million Dollars

Mine Silver Value @ $20 oz   = $60 Million Dollars

Mine Gold Value @ $1400 oz = $227 Million Dollars

Mine Silver Value @ $25 oz   = $75 Million Dollars

Total New Potential Indicated Resources to add to ALEXCO’s Bottom Line

$254 Million Dollars at first price point.

$302 Million Dollars at second price point.

So what does this mean to the share price of AXU in the future.. Anyone’s guess.. How much more or less Gold is there on the property is anyone’s guess as well.. The Tonnage was predicted in the feasibility study BYG did and their recoveries dropped as time on went on. However, they were really bad at mining… See Link

But here’s the big issue with this and how it would effect share price when the winning bidder is announced next late Fall in 2017..

Technically we won’t own the assets until the work is finished. Which may take 4-5 years or not. So technically the Resources won’t hit the AXU books until that time as well.

The big question is will the share price spike on the news of the winning Bid because everyone will know that we get the mine at the end of work. A mine that contains roughly $250Million in mineable minerals possibly and that’s at today’s prices I might add. What will GOLD and SILVER per oz price be in 5 year? And what if Gold is $2000 an oz. What will our Gold mine be worth then..

But for know I can see us adding to Year 6,7,8 of Keno Hill Silver mining, Be nice if we could top those years off with an extra 30 to 50,000 oz a Year in Gold as well and some more silver oz to boot to the bottom line..

Or it could be a creative way to remove some of Silver Wheaton’s grasp on the Keno Hill district… Maybe we could use the Gold Mine to buy back some of the current ¼ production silver stream they have on us hog tied with. We offer to transfer them a NEW a gold tream agreement on our future Gold Mine or we just give it to them out right after clean up. $150mil vs possible $300mil + win for SLW.. depends on how long they want to wait on things ??

Just something to dream about here in the ‘Land of WhatIFica’

,Where the sun shines everyday… Hope we Win that bid.. Sure would make things even more interesting for this stock. Just having some fun and trying to connect some random dots! But it is an interesting picture this dot matrix creates…

Just something else to root for this year among other things that is. This is all just a personal dream for now. But I have a knack of making dreams come true. I am the ‘Hollywood Oracle’ for Christ’s Sake !

Alexco Resources Corp (AXU) is ‘The Hollywood Oracle’s’ 2017 Stock Pick of the year. With or without this Fantasy I just Unleashed on you! If interested you should research it..

Disclosure : The HollywoodOracle is an entertainment Website that comments on things that it finds interesting across many interests. In this case we are commenting on a Junior Sliver Minor stock (Alexco Resources – AXU). We are not being paid to write this article but we do own shares in the company. And like to offer our research and opinions on these things when we find something useful that might benefit ourselves as well as others.

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