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All Rights Reserved : Ted VanCleave (2012 - Behind The Hollywood Sign )

Ted VanCleave’s art has received numerous honors and distinctions.  His work was selected by Laura Rosenstock, Curator, The Museum of Modern Art, New York to appear in the Faber Birren Color Award Show and he was awarded Top National Honors from the prestigious National Watercolor Society.  Featured interviews of VanCleave have received a worldwide audience on CNN among others.  His highly stylized photographs, innovative sculptures and abstract paintings offer an exciting new approach to these popular mediums.

And by the way, this guy Ted, he’s a friend of the Hollywood Oracle Website. We’ve been using one of his photos from his 2010 Hollywood Sign Series as our main icon for the Oralce site. Check it Out, it’s on our Home Page.

In 2010, his Hollywood Sign series was selected as the inaugural exhibit for The Gallery at The Art Institute of California Hollywood by President Gregory J. Marick.

Click Image To See Full 2010 Series

“Upon first seeing his photography of the Hollywood Sign, I was awed by VanCleave’s artistry, compelling me to contemplate the icon which I’ve seen a thousand times before but which never before looked so fresh. The details, perspective and colors come together in ways which cast a new light on this familiar landmark – a fantastic creative achievement worthy of celebration in The Gallery at The Art Institute of California Hollywood.”

Greg Marick, President, Art Institute of California, Hollywood, CA

Luckily for us and you guys, my readers, Mr. VanCleave has a new series of images of the infamous Hollywood Sign that he is just now releasing. They are amazing shots with perspectives never before seen of this notorious mountainside landmark. Read The Press Release below and make sure you check all the links that are provided for more photos and information on this amazing artist.

Behind the Hollywood Sign

All RIghts Reserved : Ted VanCleave (2012 - Behind The Hollywood Sign)

The Press Release :

Behind the Hollywood Sign Fine Art Photography Series Released by Artist Ted VanCleave

Miami, Florida, August 20, 2012 – Award winning artist Ted VanCleave today released his new fine art photography series Behind the Hollywood Sign.This new art series presents the famous Hollywood Sign from a unique perspective rarely available to the public.

My new series provides a rare view of the Hollywood Sign that is unknown to most people. It’s a bit edgy, allowing you to see the structure of the Sign with it’s braces and corrugated facade. If you look closely you can see security cameras and maintenance ladders mounted to it. States VanCleave; From behind the Sign you can see greater Los Angeles and Lake Hollywood and you can even see helicopters flying by. Of course The Sign is more than the sum of it’s parts. It’s more than giant letters overlooking LA. It has a life, a life of it’s own. And this series allows you to see Los Angeles from the perspective of the Hollywood Sign, from the top of Mt Lee, 1,800 ft high staring down on the sprawling flatlands of Los Angeles, from downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean. (Read Full Press Release)

2012 Behind The Hollywood Sign Series

Ted VanCLeave (2012 - Behind The Hollywood Sign )

To crowdfund a gallery exhibition in Los Angeles of large scale prints, VanCleave launched a Kickstarter project offering wholesale pricing on select limited edition prints for supporter pledge rewards.

So make sure you check out his Kickstarter project campaign page. See for yourself the artist, Mr VanCleave discuss his work and his upcoming possible New Gallery Exhibit in Los Angeles. And for the love of god, order some of these amazing prints.

Ted VanCleave Links 

Main Artist Website    –    Kickstarter Hollywood Sign Project


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