There are movies that are memorable, and then there are movies that are memorable because of their cars. From the Volkswagen Beetle in the “Love Bug” to the AMC Pacer in “Wayne’s World” to the Ferrari in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” there have been all kinds of cars in all kinds of movies that audiences will always remember.

Here are three of the most iconic movie cars of all time:

#1: The 1977 Pontiac Special Edition Trans Am

film carWhile the actors did a great job in “Smokey and the Bandit,” everyone remembers the car in the movie. The Limited Edition Trans Ams built in 1977 (known then as Bandit Trans Ams) were standard, but then were made available with an extra-cost package and labeled as Special Editions. The car could be ordered with a T-Top or Coupe. Pontiac ended up building around 15,000 Special Edition Trans Ams.

The car came with standard safety, anti-theft, convenience and emissions control features that most cars were equipped with at the time. There was one thing that Special Edition Trans Ams didn’t have, though: Gold. It was everywhere. The car was decked out in custom gold decals, gold body striping, and gold interior and exterior accents. Gold aluminum wheels were available for the public, however, and you can still get them online today.

#2: The 1982 De Lorean DMC-12

The movie “Back to the Future” gave the 1982 De Lorean DMC-12 a prominent place in iconic car history. Around 9,000 of them were manufactured from 1981 to 1983. Today, there are still 6,500 De Loreans in existence. The DMC- 12 had a fiberglass underbody and gull-wing doors, but most features were basic. They were never factory-painted; they came in bare stainless steel and had standard interior colors of either black or grey. The cars were made in North Ireland and production stopped in late 1982.

#3: The 1993 Ford Explorer XLT

“Jurassic Park” and its dinosaurs had an impact on audiences, not only for its special effects, but because of the 1993 Ford Explorer XLT. The Explorer was chosen for the movie because Steven Spielberg liked and was driving one at the time of production.

The green 1993 Ford XLT in the movie had custom yellow bumpers, a Plexiglass roof, and a touch-screen computer monitor inside to act as a guide on the tour of the park. The Eddie Bauer edition of the Explorer that came with painted grilles, but the XLTs did not; the bumpers were switched out for the movie so they could be painted with the movie’s “Jurassic Camo” pattern.

The Ford Explorer has come a long way since its Jurassic Park days. Instead of a Plexiglass roof, the 2015 Explorer has a power sunroof. Instead of a touch screen TV, it has rear DVD entertainment, and today the Explorer has a blind-spot monitor option, whereas in 1993 the only option to check your blind spot was looking over your shoulder.

Final note

It can be a Lamborghini, a Chevy Impala, a Pacer, or even a Cadillac hearse. It might be the inevitable chase scene or simply an object of admiration. Whatever the reason, some cars are just more iconic than others, especially in the movies.


Britain is keen on the Southfork Ranch, and so are more than 900,000 fans on Facebook that “like” the fictional Ewing family from the revamped television series “Dallas.” A legion of viewers chat about the reborn series on nearly 33,000 discussion threads on the official Turner Network Television website. “Dallas” originally ran on network TV from 1978 to 1991 and was resurrected on cable by TNT July 11, drawing a record crowd of nearly 7 million viewers. So far, it is the top fictional series on cable in 2012.

Reunited and Ready to Wrangle

TNT DALLAS TV SHOWThe complications of Southfork life remain as sticky as the oily goo underground. Forget about the question “Who killed J.R.?” that fueled viewership in the early ’80s. Britain’s The Guardian newspaper cheekily notes that viewers today likely are wondering who put J.R. in an old people’s home. Fans of the original who have been limited to network TV can get information about subscribing to cable on web sites such as, so they can catch up on their favorite Ewings.

Entertainment Weekly describes the new series as

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First off, for all you youngins’ out there I’m not referring to the Comic book guy that is currently whoring out his entire backlog of comic book characters to Hollywood studios. That’s Stan Lee, he’s the creator of Marvel Comics. I’m talking about the Amazing and the recently deceased Stan Winston, the creator of some of the most memorable Hollywood Action Heros of all time. No, I’m not talking about Bruce Willis or Will Smith either… I’m talking about the creator of Alien, Terminator, the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, Predator and Avatar, these live-action creatures are truly the stars of any Sci-fi / Horror movie as far as I’m concerned. Stan Winston was one of my Top Hollywood Idols as a kid. It’s creative geniuses like him, that planted those creative seeds that ultimately lead to many of us finding our own Hollywood Dream. Between him and George Lucas, my Hollywood path was being laid out right before my eyes. And it all started when I was 7 years old with the release of the Original Star Wars and I didn’t even realize it. Not even after I saw it over 20 times in the theaters that first year! I was hooked on it, but I didn’t know what that truly meant at the time or what it would lead to ultimately for me in the future. More on me later… Let’s get back to Stan!

I'll be back It seems that Stan, the master of all that is un-human, has pulled off the most famous of all Hollywood tricks. Coming back from the Dead to make more money than I will make alive. Bravo Stan!

Stan Winston Studios has partnered with an online educational provider and created the coolest online school ever, as far as I’m concerned at least. The Stan Winston School of Character Arts. If you’re into Hollywood creature design Efx, design development, model making, clay sculptures, prosthetics, puppetry, animatronics, creature hydraulics, hair work and or make-up, I’m pretty sure this is something you should check out. The school itself is

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When we started this website we had a few goals in mind. One of them was to get you up to speed on the Hollywood Lifestyle, so you could hit the ground running when you got here. Another was to give you an inside look into the Hollywood entertainment business so you would be more prepared to tackle that industry job mine field that awaits you. And lets not forgot the constant reminder, that Dreams do come true if you work hard and pay your dues. But, I think one of the main reasons we created this site was deep down we wanted to warn you.

Hollywood ScamsHollywood is full of people that want you to fail. Your precious Hollywood dreams mean nothing to them. They just want to ride you into submission like a cowboy that breaks a wild horse. And like most horse abusers in this business, if and when you finally do start to push back on your rider (‘Your Boss‘), and start to demand things like a raise, a promotion or just a free bag of oats to eat once in awhile, they’ll send you packing. Off to the glue factory you will go, never to be heard from again. And you will be replaced by a cheaper more submissive horse. It’s the Cycle of Life on this reserve.

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iPhone apps filmmakersWell, as you probably guessed it, there’s already an App for that. App technology these days is an amazing & powerful tool if used correctly and they can make your job a whole hell of a lot easier on and off-set if you let them. These filmmaking Apps are great for pre-production or production and can be used by most departments on-set.  So, whether you want to be a guerrilla style filmmaker at home or a big Hollywood director of photography, a script supervisor, a sound guy, a camera assistant, production manager or just a useless P.A., there’s most likely an App for you that can save you work, time and money. By becoming proficient at using these powerful programs, you can make your production life a whole lot simpler and you’ll look cool & smart using them. The more tools at your disposal that you can use to save yourself time, paperwork or your production money is a tool that will keep you employed for a long time. Not bad for something that costs $19.99 or if you’re lucky it’s Free. But let’s remember, you get what you pay for and at this level of tech FREE may not be the best

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Is That Your Final Answer..? No Whammy..  No Whammy.. Big Bucks!

If you didn’t read Part One of this article, you should read it now.
(PART 1 – Move to LA – Be on a Game Show… Tryout for Reality Tv… )

After going on multiple game show tryouts & reality show tryouts I’ve decided to bequeath to you ‘My 10 best Hollywood Secrets to get on a Game Show or get on a Reality Show’.

Game showTip #1 – Know your strengths – If your not that into Pop Culture, don’t tryout for a trivia show. If you know you could never eat a cow eye, don’t try out for Fear Factor. Get my point!

Tip #2 – This genre of television relies heavily on finding contestants that fit into the generic stereotypes we love to love or love to hate. The Tv world has helped re-enforce everyone of these stereotypes for a reason, because each one of us (The Viewer) can connect with one of those types on a personal level. Which means ratings if they can hook you. The Nerd, the dumb blonde, surfer, rocker, hick and any other one you can think of right now. Point is,

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It’s a lot easier than you realize! Or is it?

Game shows

When you think about it, it’s not that hard to understand why moving to LA could increase your chances of getting on any number of Game Shows and or Reality Tv shows if you have the right looks, personality and mindset for that particular project. I would guess that over 80% of these type of shows you seen on Tv today are produced right here in sunny southern California, which also means that they are cast here as well. Just because they say the contestant is from Chicago doesn’t mean he lives there. And at least over 60% of those shows are shot within the city limits of

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