Paid to Scare?

Hollywood, Ca

Want to work on your acting skills without embarrassment or have anyone recognize you when you mess up your lines? Would you like to perfect your movie make-up skills but have a hankering for blood? Don’t have the dough or the real estate to use all of that lighting equipment you bought to finish your DIY Hollywood film on a bitching haunted house? You might be in luck.

scary hollywoodThough the job market in Southern California and across the U.S. may be frightening to some — many local theme parks and other venues are offering some quick cash to those who aren’t afraid of the dark.

As it does every Halloween, Knott’s Berry Farm will turn into the 39th annual Knott’s “Scary” Farm later this fall, and the park is looking for a few good ghouls to haunt thirteen mazes, seven live shows and four “scare zones.” The call doesn’t just go out to high school kids looking for extra pocket money, many entertainment aficionados and Hollywood locals flock to the theme parks and or other Hollywood Scary Events to have a great time and get paid for playing their part in the Halloween festivities.

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Pink Slip Guide to “Outplacement”

outplacementHere in Hollywood working in Human Resources can be, at the very least, interesting. You get to meet everyone. You learn a great deal about insurance benefits. Some of the employees are in the Local 700 and others are not Union at all. You get to be involved in all the behind the scenes (and in front of the scenes) drama and always get front row seats to any disciplinary action. The hardest job, of course is the terminations. Firing an employee is no fun (even if they have earned it) and layoffs in the entertainment business can be just as bad as anywhere else in the country.

One HR activity that the average worker bee might not be aware of is something called

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Heads up Newbies you need to know about Job Networking in Hollywood.

What ever city you might be reading this post from is not the only one that is have a job crisis. California is rolling at a 12% unemployment, and don’t believe all the BS you have heard about loose borders and old people snagging up all the jobs. California is in the top 3 for home foreclosure, if you live in Nevada of Florida your better off moving here as quickly as you can (buy the Hollywood Oracle Survival Guide first!). Its the economy stupid.

Hollywood Job NetworkWhat is my point? Before you consider moving to beautiful Los Angeles, keep in mind; the entertainment business is no exception. As a matter of fact, the changing technology and price of living out here is wiping some people and whole families off the map. Starving artists (and sound techs and grips and stand up comedians) are really starving! The entertainment guilds are shrinking (I did not really say that, did I?), and like everywhere else in the country the hiring managers are being asked to reduce

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You’re the new kid on the block at work? Looking to move up the Hollywood Job Ladder? You need more training!

Topp 10 Hollywood job tips

  1. Drop the cocky attitude and ask people what they are doing, then listen. Questions are good, listening is better.
  2. Make sure you are operating transparently. Make sure you work record is solid (no HR rap sheet is a good start) and then go talk to your boss. Check to see if there is a training policy.
  3. Know what you want to do. Asking for training without a plan is a recipe for failure.
  4. Plan your training in steps. Learn the jobs around your dream job so you develop some knowledge and credibility.
  5. While you are doing the best job you can in your current position, volunteer, for anything. If it gets you near the people you would like training from or close so you can glean some experience, be the first one to jump when the boss calls. Don’t forget the small stuff. If you are the only one who has learned to properly get the boss a chicken sandwich from her favorite diner. Consider it training (and an excuse to talk to your boss).

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When I least expected it this afternoon, one of our company PAs puffed out his chest and angled his way across the production floor and into my office. He has worked for the company about 6 weeks and, I gather, has the lay of the land. I have an open door policy and prefer to have straight conversation with all of the staff.

Job Training

Pick the Right Job at The Right Time

Our PA was on the hunt for some Technical Training as a Color Timer. To his credit, in his short time as a PA he had made acquaintance with one of our colorist, evidently made a good impression and he was ready to ask if he could start to spend time in the color timing bay and learn from the master.

Actually, this was not a bad experience for either of us. He had my attention, showed initiative and was asking for help/permission. He had missed a couple things as well as some behavior that stood out:

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OK – I hire for a company with a couple hundred employees in the Film/TV business. The company I work for has downsized HR, and we are looking for creative ways to screen potential new staff members. Here is a bit of advice: Put down the bong when your friends are taking pictures, then take a good look at all your social networking accounts. (Facebook page(s) / MySpace.)

Employers are doing the cheap and easy when it comes to background checks these days. When we want to fill a position, we gather resumes, and then we start looking you up on the popular social network sites. Cheapest way to weed out the problem children when you need to make the right decision and do not have a budget for attracting recruits. Hey, the economy is bad, and companies looking to hire don’t want to pay $29.99 to find out if someone has skeletons in the closet, has a party priority or is searching for kinky love.

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