As promised, A Hollywood Insider’s Look… Our very own, Rose Pendleton’s Fashion Show interview and photos from her Hollywood Art & Fashion Event a few weeks ago with RAWartists.


Hollywood Insider’s Look – Click Here To See Photos

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Hollywood.  What does it make you think of? Celebrities? Actors? Most people only think of the entertainment or film side of the industry.  What some people don’t realize is there are more than just entertainment jobs in Hollywood where you still work hand in hand with the entertainment company. Weird right?

Rose Pendleton - Fashion Designer & Actress

My name is Rose Pendleton, I am a young entrepreneur currently working many different areas of Hollywood. Acting is my first love and main goal, however, along the way I fell in love with another one of my guilty pleasures; Fashion. Creating it, that is.  This week my life is all about fashion.  I’m not talking about about who wears the best or worst clothing or the movie with the best costumes (unless you want to be a costume designer!) I’m talking about coming up with a concept of your own image, producing it and watching your creation take flight.

I’ve spent the past two months preparing for the runway premiere of my 2011 collection “I Believe”. Two months. When was the collection of clothing that’s premiering at the fashion show actually created? Last October.  Now this may just be because I juggle arts like shiny red bean bags but it took me a full year to create, promote, advertise and finally get my collection on the runway.  Is it cheap? No, but is any area in Hollywood?

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