Hollywood Goes GoPro :

What started out like a trickle of cheap digital camera formats this year has turned into a full on court press with the newest darling of in-your-face “action technology” gear. So, don’t be the first person to see their entertainment career destroyed by missing the boat on the latest craze.

GoProThey are small rugged, cute, waterproof and fit right in the palm of your hand. No, I am not talking about the Smurfs, but the new GoPro Hero line of cameras (http://gopro.com).

These small cameras are everywhere and digital media is beginning to crop up on all of the episodic TV and live performance projects I have been working on in the last couple months. I knew the device had officially arrived when I realized everything with wheels or a helmet at the 2011 Los Angeles X Games had a GoPro mount and camera locked in place.

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Just when we were getting to the heart of the global HDCAM SR shortage,

Sony releases the news we have all been waiting for… This quote was lifted from Hollywood Reporter and can help put even the most desperate film makers mind at ease.

BETAMAX“HDCAM SR production begins in July and will be at a normal run rate in August. Anyone who is still looking to shoot a series with SR tape should feel confident that that we will be able to supply the tape to the series,” Sony senior vp sales and marketing Alec Shapiro told The Hollywood Reporter. “If there are any particular initial needs that they have concern about getting an allocation, we will work with them. As long as they don’t need all of the tape before the show starts, we can handle it. We are confident and we want our customers to be confident that we are back and will have a good supply of tape.”

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How much??

As a follow up to one of our earlier stories about Sony factories and the Japanese earthquake and the April 6th press release Sony delivered the following update. Note the comment in conclusion that indicates that manufacture has been halted by a lack of ability to move raw materials and components between Sony group companies.

Scary stuff. Currently the stall in manufacture of Sony tape stock is having immediate consequences for anyone that would like to purchase new tapes, and as I said in the previous post, HDCAM SR tape stock has the most impact for TV production. The obvious consequence on everyone’s mind is price. Distributors have jacked the price way up to deal with the demand as existing productions scramble to secure HDCAM SR stock.

The Hollywood Oracle did some research and our sources tell us that since the earthquake in Japan, a standard 64 minute HDCAM SR has soared from around $83.00 to nearly $200.00! Due to the uncertainty that studios and facilities around town will be able to replace their dwindling inventories, some are charging as much as $280.00 to keep clients from hoarding.

Below is the release from April 28th:

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Just when we had it figured out. Film might be out for TV, the old guys were rushing to digital format, the school fresh kids were talking crazy and realizing they couldn’t afford any of the above (same as it ever was), tape was ‘Ol Reliable. Right?

On March 11, Eastern Japan suffered an earthquake, and resulting tsunami, that can (and should) only be measured in a global perspective by ours and successive generations. This tragic event has caused some serious problems for the Japanese people in the short term. With the nuclear ramifications, you have to be a complete nimrod if I have to explain further… If you have not considered how the Japanese problem has affected world industry, and how long it will take to regain any of the benefits our global machine has profited from in the past, let’s get back to XDcam.

Believe it or not, everyone and their brother, has gotten dependent on HD tape stock for production and post production. The standard, as they say. HDSR produced by Sony at the top of the food chain. Yeah HDcam and DBC are still rocking and rolling for the show with waxing longevity, but the machine wants HDSR.

Long winded, yes, dramatic, but here is the skinny. Japan makes the HDSR, and since the earthquake, the entertainment industry has been concerned about a shortage.

Here the release from Sony in April:

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Tech Floss in the morning..

What is your handle on new post production tools for film transfer?
Film is still being shot in the business, right?

The big boys at Kodak, Sony and Fuji are still selling 1000 ft rolls of negative for more than our meager salary draws in a paycheck, and realistically most DPs over 12 years old will still want to shoot film these days.

Think you know how much 3-perf will set you back in time and cash when you need to get your project to edit? Even if your budget manages to deep six your production into R3d record (RED is cheaper, but it ain’t cheap), transfer of your picture to a digital format for edit is a crucial step in the post process.

Truth is, you are probably not shooting a film at the moment. Perhaps you have never thought about how film (or a project shot on RED, for that matter) makes it to the cutting room? Either way, you have probably thought about finding a job, and if you’re reading this, you have most likely thought about finding a job in the film industry. You might fancy yourself a DP, or as the person able to make a DP’s film nightmare a daily reality….?

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