Step # 1Move to Los Angeles… (Hardest Step of All.. Just do it you big baby !)
Step # 2 – Find an Apartment in Hollywood…  (Not that difficult.. Not that expensive)
Step # 3 – Find a Job in Hollywood. (PA Jobs are the best. Waitress will do.)
Step # 4 – Start playing the Hollywood Networking game… (Play Hard. Play Smart)

The Hollywood Job ladder….

Many times, the one with the biggest Rolodex wins the game of life in LA LA Land. Opportunity is always knocking in Hollywood.  Be the Doorman and you will most likely at some point own the door.  (p.s. For all you kiddy’s out there,  if you don’t know what a Rolodex is… Google it and stop making me feel old! )

hollywood Job ladderWhile your working at that first Hollywood job you get, no matter what it is. Better yet, even before that point. You must become the ‘bone collector’ (those are business cards or at least phone numbers) of everyone and everything you come across that relates to what you want to do in showbiz upon your arrival. You must become an ambassador of goodwill for yourself and or your company that you may represent. Just like that old guy at your local Walmart that greets everyone that comes in the store, you need to be the doorman now, if you really want to succeed in this town. Meet and greet everyone like they’re your new best friend. Your dreams just may depend on it..

The goal being, hopefully one day you may get to choose the vendors your company uses or you may get to hire the freelancers that make-up the rank file of your production crew.  That fat Rolodex of contacts you’ve created over your past few gigs just may be what gets you that next Hollywood job promotion. Don’t be that person that’s ‘To Cool’ to ask for a card. Because having those prior vendor contacts and working those connections, just may be able to save your new company some big money or even help find them some good crew members. Which by the way, never hurts your x-mas gift from the bossman, if you get one at all that is. There’s also the good possibility you could help yourself into a nice little kickback of sorts for delivering your company you now work for back to a particular vendor from your past. Better yet, maybe you get to hire one of your old co-workers to work for you or your company and they’re so grateful for the opportunity you get treated to a nice 5 star meal. Good things come to those who play the Hollywood Name Game right. Plenty of gifts out here to go around, but those spoils only go to the players with the best game. You Got Game?

Step #5 – Now just sit back and relax for a minute. Take a deep breath. You did it! You’ve made it! Congratulations.. You accomplished the most difficult Step of all. Breaking into Hollywood!

Step #6 – Get Back to Work.. Slacker

Remember, You’re only a PA or Waitress as long as you want to be. It can last a month or 5 years. It’s all up to you and how bad you want it and how far your willing to go to get it. ( I’m not talking about doing Porn here… You always have other options.)


For those that completed Step #1 &  #2 but still can’t seem to complete Step #3. You need to still be working on Step #4 while your trying to get Step #3 completed.

Get it! Got it! Good!

Just because you don’t have specific access to the entertainment industry yet in Hollywood doesn’t mean you don’t have access to people. Get out there and mingle, your one new friend away from that first Hollywood gig.

If all else fails join a kickball league…  This organization is a real popular scene for socializing and networking for new Hollywood arrivals and many locals as well.  Check them out if you like park district based-sports sponsored by local bars in the area.

Welcome to Hollywood People.. Good luck!

The Oracle

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