Gambling and the casino appeal to both celebs and the general public alike. This seems rather unlikely given the fact that many of these celebs have multi-million pound bank accounts and glamorous lifestyles, but it appears that we are all subject to the lure of gambling.

indexCasinos such as the Palms, Caesars and the Borgata are all likely to get celebs coming through the doors at one time or another. Celebrity Poker tournaments have seen the likes of Matthew Perry and Ben Affleck take part. Matt Damon regularly pays visits to the casino as does Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

Vegas has had numerous visits from stars of the silver screen, and Brad Pitt and George Clooney once invested money in a casino. It might seem crazy that people with their money still have an interest in the gambling industry, but it appears that the thrill associated with a wager has a certain universal appeal.

Over here in the UK we see a lot of footballers and former sports stars become involved in the world of Horse Racing and ownership – Michael Owen and Alex Ferguson being the two most prominent (we also mustn’t forget the Queen herself is an owner and lover of the sport).

Maybe the horses is an extension of their sporting and competitive personalities and therefore a chance to carry on their careers into retirement. It seems that sporting people often struggle to replace the thrill of competition with other hobbies.

With all of the aforementioned celebs enjoying the occasional flutter, we can clearly see that gambling’s basic elements cross many social and economic boundaries. For many gamblers, beating the bookie might be more important than the amount of money they win. It’s never nice to lose a bet, no matter how much it might be worth and this applies to stars and laymen alike. you can also win some big bucks by visiting and try some of the many slots games offered online.

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