According to all the “Celebs, They’re Just Like Us” articles from US Weekly, they do their own grocery shopping, take their furry friend to the dog park, buy the latest clothes on Rodeo Drive and take their adorable children to the movies.

But are Kris Jenner and the Kardashian clan REALLY like us? What is Mother’s Day like in the Kardashian-Jenner household?

Kim: Expecting… Everything

Kim is expecting her first child with Kanye West this July. While she won’t be a mom until next Mother’s Day, she is no doubt looking to celebrate this year. Though it’s usually been all about Kourtney and mom Kris, expect lots of special treatment for Kim this year. Kim’s career has been predominantly based on her looks as we previously reported in “The Kim Kardashian Effect.” Pregnancy has been a challenge for Kim, who has continued to push the fashion envelope despite her growing baby bump. With the media criticizing all the weight she’s gained during her pregnancy, Kanye is going to need to shower her with lots of gifts.

The perfect gift for Kim? A posh spa weekend at an exclusive resort with massage, mani-pedi, facials and more. If, of course, anyone can get her to take a weekend off. Perhaps the maternity massage at the Peninsula New York might tempt her.

Kris: The ‘Queen of F****** Everything’

Kris, the mom-ager and recently self-proclaimed “Queen of F****** Everything” will be expecting the royal treatment. Mother’s Day must really be “Kris Day” in the Kardashian-Jenner household. Anyone who has had Oprah over to visit certainly expects more than a homemade card. The Oprah visit was, according to an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kris’s favorite memory of 2012. Despite that also being the year her second grandchild, Penelope, was born.

The Perfect Gift for Kris? A series of spring flower arrangements, the latest Birkin Bag (even if it’s a duplicate of one she already has), a mani-pedi, Christian Louboutin vildo flat sandals (to wear to and from the spa) and a new car. That should do it, right? Better throw in a new pair of designer sunglasses, too— just to be safe.

Kourtney: The ‘Normal’ One

Out of everyone, expect Kourtney to be the most level-headed. Look for a (mostly) down-to-Earth celebration with her two children, Mason and Penelope. But, if her wise-cracking beau, Scott Disick, gets too involved, things could get interesting.

The Perfect Gift for Kourtney? Handmade cards, plenty of kisses and breakfast in bed for mommy. Oh, and maybe a ladyship. If Scott could purchase himself a royal title in England last year, why hasn’t he offered one to Kourtney?

Khloe: The Left-Out One

It’s no secret that Khloe is having trouble getting pregnant with her husband Lamar, and is the frequent topic of gossip. Tabloids report his wandering eyes due to her inability to get pregnant, and her deep depression from her sisters easily getting pregnant. She often puts on a good face, but will she play “Best Supporting Daughter/Aunt” or go bananas on her family? We think she’ll toe the line and be supportive of her mom and sisters.

The Perfect Gift for Khloe? Being allowed to enjoy the festivities with family. And, not being asked when she and Lamar will finally have a baby!

What will it really be like for the Kardashians on May 12th? Only time, and E! will tell.

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