“Bodeen could smell the fear coming out of the two dudes’ pores. He hated weakness. He no longer wanted them in his presence. There was only one thing that saved them from dying at that very moment: Bodeen didn’t want to get blood on the upholstery of his new ride.”

Cutty Mack PublishingThat was the cold-blooded phrase that first got my attention in Legendary Ali Shabazz extraordinary new novel, “MORAL DILEMMA,” which will be released by Cutty Mack Publishing on May 17, re-introducing readers to the main character Bodeen, the most feared Contract Killer in US History. Bodeen was addicted to that power trip. How many people could claim they are the most feared enforcers in US history? And how do you go about relinquishing that title?” 

“Explosive!” “Heart-Pounding”

Slip into the neurotic world of Bodeen, America’s most ruthless contract killer as he murders his way to the top, operating by his own unique twisted code.  One night that was already decided by fate, Bodeen uncharacteristically goes off the deep end, breaking his ethical code and commits the most heinous crime: one that he’s despised his entire life, and karma comes crashing back in ways he never expected.

“Legendary knocked this one out of the Park with the Bases Loaded”

A suspense thriller that is too intense oft-times but it is that fiery passion that makes this story so entertaining. It stimulates all senses—its raw, fresh, the hunger is there, the author understands original but great storytelling, there is love and pain that has purpose— MORAL DILEMMA has the classic elements of a friendship, love, betrayal and redemption story but to the next level.

moral dilemma by ali shabazzThis intense novel is ultimately about the power of what remains after disillusionment, and the transformation and wisdom that comes from characters experiences, sweet and bitter. I never use the B-Word but that Charlesetta is one Cold Bitch!–Carey Harris SNHPR

“Compelling, Shocking! The Suspense is so intense. I knew this was going to be the one”

“Advance praise has ignited waves of pre-publication buzz.  Legendary arrives on the literary scene with an arsenal of styles, original voice that’s witty, watchful and wise beyond its years. His rich sensory descriptions are acutely attuned to the pleasures of the senses and to the desperate stratagems of self-invention among young adult readers and the wiser readers alike.”- J. Akutunde Kings Chambers Magazine

“Legendary just secured his Legacy as one of the best Storytellers of All Time!” -SOtW

“Moral Dilemma, is a very intense and original novel, one that seems destined to help define a generation.” —K. Strides Young Adult Readers Inc.

“The relationship between Coach and Jah, the father and son tandem is amazing. They could have easily been the main characters of the story and garnered the same impact. Their incredible relationship and the decisions they were faced with will be the topic of discussion for quite some time. A charming, harrowing debut.” —Chelsea Black, author of  “I Am a Bad Girl” and “Slay & Slay 2: Karter Mack”

“The perfect roller coaster ride. A book that’ll stay glued to your hands as you anticipate what is going to happen next but at the same time one finds themselves putting it down to catch their breath and absorb what just happened previously.” —CRAIG D FRAZIER, President, Positive Vibrations Online Magazine

Editor at Large and Premier Book Blogger Curtis Sutton, was an early reader of the MORAL DILEMMA manuscript, and told The LA Watts Times, “Within 3 pages, I was saying to myself, oh my God, this Legendary Ali is an extraordinary talent. One just doesn’t see a lot of first novels like this, or any novels like this since originality is the key component. I truly forgot that I was reading a book. It felt like a movie but I was in it and experiencing it as it was happening in real life, if that makes sense. It was very real and very entertaining.”

Born from generations of bad choices and poor parenting, Bodeen is America’s most ruthless hitman.  He rises to the top of the murder game with cunning and calculated choices.  But one night, he lets all that go and breaks his code, committing a crime he never thought he’d do.

Coach, single Dad to his 8-year old son Jah, adored in the community, charismatic with a good heart and greater intention, the one man who befriends and believes that Bodeen wasn’t 100% bad to the bone, is thrown in to a world of criminals and dirty dealings for which he is unprepared.


moral dilemma by ali shabazz

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Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 11.08.41 AMALi ShabazzTV Show #SNOWFALLFX debuts July 5th… Legendary’s Book was a mandatory read for all the Actors on the show and used as a guideline to get them into character and familiar with the 1980’s setting and crack epidemic….

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