Every so often The Hollywood Oracle interviews special industry guests or we have good friends of The Oracle who allow us to share their specific knowledge of the entertainment industry with you our readers. Fortunately for you guys, a good friend of The Oracle is Johnny Dwinell of DareDevilMusicProductions.com out of Nashville, Tennessee.


Daredevil Studios

Johnny D and Kelly Schoenfeld are graciously gonna allow us to share some of the articles and podcasts they have created on their website with you guys that relate to the music industry. Whether you’re just getting started as a songwriter, looking to create your first demo reel or just trying to get your work discovered by someone, the guys at Daredevil Music Productions are here to help. They are a one-stop shop for emerging as well as established talent in the music industry. They have the passion and skills to get you where you need to be. Plus, they’re some of the nicest guys on the planet, so check them out or even hire them to produce your next song.  And as you can see from their website, the Articles they post and the Podcasts they create, these guys understand the music business and are masters of their craft. Below is a list of some of the content you can find on their site. We will also be sharing a few of these pieces with you here on the Hollywood Oracle…

– 10 Worst Song Demo Mistakes- 5 Simple Music Marketing Tactics
– 5 Things You Must Know TO Cut A Killer Track
– How To Get Paid For Your Music Online
– How To Get Signed In The New Music Industry: Part 1
– Live Interviews With Hit Songwriter Brent Baxter & Paul Taylor
– Songwriting Tips: Part 1 & Part 2

There’s some great content there, so make sure you check out their site for their entire library of articles and podcasts, you won’t regret it.  http://daredevilmusicproduction.com

Check Back later for their First Article..


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