You don’t have to be a millionaire to duplicate the home decorating ideas of celebrities. Whether you’re house shopping in Los Angeles or just looking to add some Hollywood flair to your humble abode, here are some design ideas to steal from celebrity homes:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Kitchen

This celebrity couple’s Los Angeles kitchen is open and airy with a healthy mix of stained woods, interesting lighting and a pop of yellow on the walls. Continuing with the 9,000 square foot home’s Italian-style architecture, the kitchen has a European flair. Though impressive at every angle, it’s still livable and versatile. Get the same look by pairing a light summery paint color with granite counter tops, rich-colored wood and a dangling rustic chandelier.

Kim and Kanye

Photo by accidentalpaparazzi via Flickr

Adam Levine’s Bachelor Pad Bedroom

With a nightclub feel to it, one of Hollywood’s most sizzling rock stars has a bedroom to match. Surrounded by dark walls (a matted black), Levine’s simple 1940s bed is complemented by matching vintage armchairs and old suitcases used as night stands. Adorning the star’s windows are thick velvet curtains that maintain a palpable darkness even in the middle of the day, Levine told Get the same look by snagging a few antique-looking pieces to pair with a modest brass or wooden bed frame, dark drapery and black and white photos.

Adam Levine

Photo by gashleygoh via Flickr

Will and Jada Smith’s Closet

Featuring built-in shelving, a standalone bureau and an over-sized ottoman, the couple’s closet is not only functional but inviting. Without being gaudy, this closet has a warm feel to it while still doing what it’s made for. Shoes and bags are on display with jewelry, intimates, socks and accessories tucked neatly into dresser drawers. Get the same look by lining one wall with shelves (standalones will do if you don’t want to install built-in). Place a dresser in the center of the closet instead of up against the wall with an ottoman or bench to its side. To switch it up a bit, pair his and hers dressers back to back.

Jada Smith

Photo by Jerry Avenaim via Wikimedia Commons

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor’s Sitting Room

Encompassing black furniture and dark stained beams, frames and curtains, this Hollywood home’s living area needed some color to liven the room without losing the mood. A steel blue on the wall mixed with pops of plant life make the room stylish yet welcoming. According to, the collection of photos displayed on three ledges of one wall are by Hiroshi Sugimoto and Matthew Barney, but you could easily copy the idea with pictures of your own. Get the same look in any size room by doing what they did — and then angle mirrors to reflect outside light in to manipulate the room to feel larger.

Christine Taylor

Photo by Vivanista1 via Flickr

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Reading Nook

Minimalistic and earthy, the couple turned one corner of this Beverly Hills estate into a cozy reading nook. Combining scrap wood with a basic bench, built-in bookshelf and bare vintage reading lamp, it’s easy to see DeGeneres or de Rossi curling up with a good book in this corner. Get the same look by turning your empty space under the stairs or in the corner of the great room into a comfy place to read, complete with a tiny table and love fern to boot.

Ellen and Portia

Photo by Angela George via Wikimedia Commons

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