Hollywood Demo Reel

Display your Demo Reel on our Hollywood website for $5 for a two-week showcase.

Are you looking for a career in Hollywood?  Do have Demo Reel you want to get out there? Are you an up and coming Hollywood TV or Film editor, graphic artists, music composer, make-up expert and or a designer? Do you want some low cost exposure in Hollywood?

We have an exciting opportunity for you here on the Hollywood Oracle website. See the ‘Get Discovered’ section on our sidebar on the lower right side of every page of our site. We’ll, do you wanna see your demo reel there for the whole world to see? Now’s your chance! For a limited time we will be offering you a opportunity to showcase your talents for two-weeks at a time for only $5. That’s right, I said only $5. Imagine telling all your friends that your work reel is on a Hollywood entertainment website for all to see.

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