DucksMainNot Unlike The Ming Dynasty of the 1600’s, the Laker’s Dynasty of the Late 90’s and that Tv Series Dynasty in the 80’s, all good things must come to an end. Or in this case, implode on itself in such a fashion, many people may be left scratching their hillbilly beards and wondering why in the hell was I watching this crap show in the first place.

In case you missed it, Phil Robertson, the family patriarch was quoted in a recent interview with GQ magazine making anti-gay remarks. Remarks that are so severe I think they will cause the down fall of one of Tv’s most watched shows in A&E’s history.  I wonder which advertiser will jump ship first. At least have the intelligence God supposedly gave to you to wait till after the holidays. You can’t walk by an aisle end-cap in any store these days without being forced to look at those 3 hillbilly’s hocking some piece of merchandise. Good luck selling that crap now!

Good bye duck whistle, duck t-shirt, duck hat, duck book, duck mug, duck chia pet and my favorite, duct tape. That’s right, these idiots have their faces on Duct Tape Rolls. Maybe Mr. Robertson should of used some of that trade-marked tape and taped his f’ing mouth shut.

Back to the tree-blinds you go my 3 amigos. Where no one will ever see or hear your dumb-asses again. The only Duck I want to see or hear from this day forward on TV is from the cute little duck that says Afflaaacck…

2 Responses to “The Fall of The Duck Dynasty : When Dynasties Fail… Will you remember where you were when it happened…?”

  1. The Oracle says:

    Thanks for noticing the joke…
    We were just having fun with things and you were the first to mention it..
    We would offer you a prize, but our prize drawer is empty.
    How about a free download copy of our Hollywood Survival Guide :)

  2. Susanna says:

    Why is Norman Reedus in that picture?

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