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They’re Coming To Get you Barbara….

Film Set Extras – Expendable in every way possible, this group of fame craving performers will continue to be mowed down, blown up, drowned, burnt, and crushed all for that one chance to be immortalized forever on film. So watch out all you soon to be extras they’re gunning for you.

That’s what I said 6 months ago in a 2-part article I wrote here THO.

Part 1 – Hollywood Jobs You Would Die For

Part 2 –  When Film Set Attacks!

Since it’s Halloween Season and we’re so big on Set Safety & Zombies here at THO, I thought it almost spooky that this bit a news hit the wire earlier today on TMZ. Especially since our very own Vlad Peters is releasing a Part 2 article on ‘I was D.I.Y. Zombie’ tomorrow for us.

‘Resident Evil 5’


16 Zombies Injured During Accident on Set

I Quote – TMZ.com

“16 actors dressed as zombies were injured this morning during an accident on the Toronto set of the horror flick “Resident Evil 5” … but the costumes were so gory, officials had a tough time assessing the REAL injuries.” >> Read More

I don’t remember seeing that on that Zombie Acting School Video we had on here last week…

Good Luck All You Barbara Chasers out there. Don’t Break a leg or lose an eyeball for real, E.M.S. may not realize it!

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