How To Deal With Difficult Personalities Working in Hollywood:

Let’s face it, we’ve all had an experience (or two) with someone who we didn’t quite mesh with. In the entertainment business especially, it’s very easy to meet people¬†who don’t exactly beat to the same drum that everyone else does. Don’t get me wrong, this can often be refreshing and a lot of fun, but other times, it can make you feel a bit uncomfortable or even unsafe. I’ve been to plenty of auditions where a fellow actor or crew member freaked me out more than a little, whether through inappropriate comments or some other strange/rude behavior. In an ordinary situation, you can just brush that person off and be on your way, but at an audition, you’re often forced to be around many different people for long periods of time. Here’s a little advice on how to deal with these kinds of situations.

I hate youFirst of all, try not to encourage whatever they’re doing that’s bothering you. As much as you might want to just be nice and oblige them, they may take that as a green light to continue their advances and that can get very dangerous. I once made the mistake of doing this, of speaking to a man who was making me incredibly uncomfortable at an audition that I was at, and it ended up with me running back to my car in a total panic, convinced that he was going to try something inappropriate. Luckily, I was able to drive away safely, but my audition had been ruined and I felt totally stupid for having let him go on the way he had. So the number one rule for you ladies out there who are auditioning at a high volume: don’t encourage anyone who is making you feel unsafe. Move to a different part of the room, start talking to someone else, pull out your phone and text a friend– anything to send the message that you are not¬†interested and would like to be left alone. This will usually get them off your back.

Obviously, if they don’t take the hint, then you need to speak to whoever is coordinating the event and tell them about the issue you’re having. If they’re even the tiniest bit professional, they should be able to get them off your case and hopefully make them leave entirely. Always use your best judgment, and don’t be afraid to speak up if something’s truly bothering you. You never know who else you could be protecting by doing so.

Now, if the person is simply annoying you but you don’t feel any danger around them, that’s a slightly different story. It’s not entirely uncommon for two actors to dislike each other but be in a scene where they have to display some sort of camaraderie or even romantic feelings, so don’t be surprised if this ends up happening at some point or another. It is awkward, to be sure, but not impossible to deal with. Try to set your personal feelings for them aside and focus on your character’s viewpoint, and that should ease some of the tension out of the situation.

Simple un-professionalism is another thing that may come up while you’re on set or at an audition. You may be forgotten about or treated like cattle by the crew members. You may not be given water or any time to go to the restroom. You may be put in a hot, cramped area with no air conditioning and no allowance to leave. You may be given the script last minute and not have time to go over it. In short, you have to be prepared for the worst in this crazy business. Until you make it big, people aren’t going to treat you like you have. To them, all you are is another aspiring, hopeful face in the crowd, and as discouraging as that can be, the best thing you can do to combat it is have a good attitude and not let it get to you. Think of it as a rite of passage. Most big name actors, unless they got famous overnight, have had to go through a similar process. If you make it past the test, then you too will be telling stories about the tough times on some interview in your future.

As far as musically, difficult personalities can also be pretty easy to find. If you’re trying to find a band, make sure you meet them and spend some time with them before you decide to join the group, because if you don’t get along with someone, then chances are, things aren’t going to work out. Bands who go on tours and make big money have to like each other, or at least be able to tolerate each other for long periods of time. It’s hard going on tour and being in a cramped bus with a best friend, let alone a group of strangers whose habits and personality traits you aren’t familiar with. It make take longer to find the right band if you do it this way, but trust me, it’ll pay off in the end. You’ll be much happier in a family-like environment than one that’s full of tension; creativity will never flourish that way.

So that’s my take on some of the more interesting personalities you may come across in the entertainment industry. Keep your chin up and try your best not to get these things get to you, and you’ll be well on your way to success!

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