Spotlight: Bill Missett, Senior Managing Editor for Film & Tv

Every month the Oracle selects entertainment professionals with established Hollywood careers to interview about their work, opinions and what advice they have for those wanting to make it in Hollywood. This month’s session is with Bill Missett, Senior Managing Editor for Film & Tv.

Photo1. Where are you originally from? City, State, Country.

Carlsbad, California, US, Earth.

2. What was your first job after moving to the Hollywood area? Was it in the entertainment industry, or did you start out doing something else to make ends meet?

My first job in Los Angeles was working as an engineer/part time editor at an independent post house that was started by Ross Jebson, one of the founders of Editel. I had over eight years of production and post production experience at that point from my work with JM Television, the production arm of Jazzercise. I also had a BS in electrical engineering.

3. What are you doing in Hollywood right now? What is your current job title, and how long have you held the position?

 I am currently a Senior Managing Editor with a major post house in Hollywood. I have held this position for nearly 16 years.

4. Before you became a Senior Managing Editor, how did you train for the job? Did you work as an assist editor?

My path to editor started in an assistant position, as an occasional tape operator for a couple of really good editors down in the San Diego area. We had an editor monitor remoted to the tape room and I watched what they did and how they did it and became very facile at anticipating the tape changes those guys were making.

With the permission of my general manager, I then spent four hours a night for about seven months on my own time training myself how to use the editorial equipment until I reached a point where I felt confident enough to sit with a client. At that point, I asked my supervisor to put me with paying clients and I had established a broad base of trust over several years, and that’s how I got my start.

5. Did you complete degrees in specific higher education, technical training or acting programs to help prepare for a career in entertainment? What were they?

 I acquired a technical engineering degree from DeVry in Phoenix and worked through every phase of production, from grip to camera, lighting, sound and editorial on both live shoots and a wide variety of programming.

6. What advice would you give in regards to this type of preparation for someone planning to come to Hollywood to pursue their dream? How would this preparation help them?

This is an industry that is mainly accessed by hands on experience. Create projects that push your boundaries. School is no substitute for actually doing the work. Learn as many types of systems as possible. Not just how to run the platform, but how they are tied into a facility, how to install them and how they operate at an engineering level. Being able to solve your own problems will put you ahead of the pack. Ask as many questions as you can and don’t let people tell you that you are not cut out for something if you truly enjoy doing it.

7. In your opinion, where is the best area for someone new to Los Angeles to look for a place to live?

I started on the Westside and moved inland. Consider placing an ad in industry trade magazines “Young professional, non-smoker, no pets, financially secure seeks guest house or mother-in-law house for rent.” Two benefits of this are that often you will meet industry professionals that have rental properties and that can gain you quick access to their industry related social circles. Plus, you can live in some very nice places that wouldn’t ordinarily be available.

8. What would be your Ultimate Hollywood Insider Tip for someone fresh off the bus?

Be nice to everyone you meet. Everyone. Today’s production assistant is tomorrow’s show runner who may have a job for you. If you are an ass, that will follow you.

9. Any regrets? Now that you have been here and working for a while, would you have done anything differently?

 Nope. I am here today because of the choices I made in the past and I love what I do.

10. Got an interesting or funny story to tell about you, your job or Hollywood in general?

About 10 years ago, my wife and I were having dinner with Emilio Estevez and a friend of my wife’s to whom he was engaged at his home out in Point Dume. He suggested we all go into the living room and sit around the fireplace after dinner, whereupon he discovered he was out of firewood. I offered to drive to the store and get some, but he said he had a better idea and to follow him. We had consumed a fair amount of wine and before I knew it, we ended up hopping his fence into his neighbor’s yard and taking wood from his neighbor’s wood pile.  As we were putting firewood over the fence, I stopped and said to him, “Hey man, I just want to thank you for the story.”

See examples of Bill’s current work at the following sites:

Bill Missett, Tv / FIlm Editor

Bill Missett, Tv / FIlm Editor

Bill Missett was part of the Post Production team that completed the Theatrical and various Home Entertainment releases for the Justin Bieber, Never Say Never, 3D Concert movie.

Bill has worked on over 110 series in an online editorial capacity in his 19 years in Hollywood, and currently is working on his fifth season of USA Networks “Burn Notice”.

Find Bill’s info at: My Info on LinkedIn


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