When we started this website we had a few goals in mind. One of them was to get you up to speed on the Hollywood Lifestyle, so you could hit the ground running when you got here. Another was to give you an inside look into the Hollywood entertainment business so you would be more prepared to tackle that industry job mine field that awaits you. And lets not forgot the constant reminder, that Dreams do come true if you work hard and pay your dues. But, I think one of the main reasons we created this site was deep down we wanted to warn you.

Hollywood ScamsHollywood is full of people that want you to fail. Your precious Hollywood dreams mean nothing to them. They just want to ride you into submission like a cowboy that breaks a wild horse. And like most horse abusers in this business, if and when you finally do start to push back on your rider (‘Your Boss‘), and start to demand things like a raise, a promotion or just a free bag of oats to eat once in awhile, they’ll send you packing. Off to the glue factory you will go, never to be heard from again. And you will be replaced by a cheaper more submissive horse. It’s the Cycle of Life on this reserve.

The Hollywood Zone is a cannibalistic game reserve that everyone is part of and when you enter it’s gates, you become fair game. Out hear in Hollywood, where people’s dreams are eaten alive daily by hungry packs of parasitic assholes. you need to be vigilant and keep a Look-Out. Whether it’s a production company CEO that’s lost touch with reality and is looking to make your life miserable or just that friendly co-worker that wants to stab you in the back to get ahead. Being well aware of surroundings is vital for a safe and comfortable ride on this adventure in LALA Land. But for you newbees, the biggest beast in this entertainment jungle that you need to be worried about is the one that eats your money first than your dream.

One of our HO writers, the Lovely Brooke Prince, recently just wrote an article on this very topic when she discussed and reviewed a local Talent agency that she had visited out here.
If you haven’t read it, check it out  >> Casting Agency Nightmares...  It lays the ground work for this next one..

And in the news just last Friday we find another company is under investigation by authorities for supposedly ripping-off young actors that were promised rolls in movies for up-front fees for enrollment in their Film School. Check out the CBS report below. Click the link and watch the video. It shows you the type of shady businesses to look out for and what a big asshole looks like. :) Always check YELP reviews, the BBB or any other reviews for any business before you give them money or your time. That one extra step could save you 100’s of dollars.

Go To The CBS News Story >> Students Claim Film School Not Delivering On Promises

Well, I hope this helps, that’s all we’re trying to do here. You can do it!

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