iPhone apps filmmakersWell, as you probably guessed it, there’s already an App for that. App technology these days is an amazing & powerful tool if used correctly and they can make your job a whole hell of a lot easier on and off-set if you let them. These filmmaking Apps are great for pre-production or production and can be used by most departments on-set.  So, whether you want to be a guerrilla style filmmaker at home or a big Hollywood director of photography, a script supervisor, a sound guy, a camera assistant, production manager or just a useless P.A., there’s most likely an App for you that can save you work, time and money. By becoming proficient at using these powerful programs, you can make your production life a whole lot simpler and you’ll look cool & smart using them. The more tools at your disposal that you can use to save yourself time, paperwork or your production money is a tool that will keep you employed for a long time. Not bad for something that costs $19.99 or if you’re lucky it’s Free. But let’s remember, you get what you pay for and at this level of tech FREE may not be the best way to go.

And just remember one thing, relying to much on technology to do the job for you might just bite you in the ass someday. What are you gonna do if your portable device breaks or runs out of juice on-set. Cheaters only get so far in life, eventually their laziness will get the better of them. All I’m saying is learn how to do it first without the technology!

Here’s a list of the Top Filmmaking Apps that have the most Positive Remarks by their users. They are not Free, but come on, what’s $20 on something that will save 100’s of hours of labor and sanity.


film app hitchcockHitchcock by Cinemek inc
Cinemek® Hitchcock for iPhone and iPod Touch is a mobile app storyboard composer designed for Directors, Directors of Photography, Producers, Writers, Animators, Art Directors, film students and anyone who wants to be able to visualize their story. Storyboard Composer is the worlds first mobile story boarding application. You can have your first story board up and running in a matter of minutes. Don’t be the last one to get this one. Pretty as a Picture, where’s yours? (Cost: $19.99)

Click Here To Read More About The Cinemark Storyboard App


film app artemisArtemis by Chemical Wedding.
Artemis is a digital directors viewfinder for the iPhone. Designed with both cinematographers and directors in mind, Artemis works in much the same way as a traditional directors viewfinder, though much more accurately and much more conveniently. After selecting a camera format, aspect ratio and lens type, Artemis uses the camera in the iPhone to simulate the lens views you can expect when you come to shoot. You can either compare all the lenses (as above) or hit zoom and the camera will zoom in to fill the viewfinder with the equivalent view of the lens you’ve chosen. Best fake lens I ever bought. (Cost: $29.99)

Click Here To Read More About The Artemis Film Lens App

film app fireFire by Audiofile Engineering.
FiRe was created specifically to be a field recorder for the iPhone, not a voice or memo recorder. It’s powerful enough for the most experienced musicians and recording engineers, and its efficient workflow and intuitive interface makes it a breeze for business and casual use. It is a truly professional recorder developed for audio professionals by audio professionals. It has many professional features other recorders don’t. In addition to supporting stereo recording, it’s the first iPhone recorder to display an accurate audio waveform in real time, and the first to support markers, Broadcast WAVE metadata, and the instant downloading of files in multiple file formats. FiRe is also the first recorder of its kind to offer native SoundCloud integration. Can you hear me now? (Cost: $9.99)

Click Here To Read More About The Audiofile FiRe App

film lighting app pocketPocketLD by Michael Zinman.
Pocket LD is a photometric database and calculation tool for Tv/Film lighting professionals with a vast array of the most popular lighting instruments for film and stage lighting. Over a 1000 fixture / lamp combinations are included in the library. The best tool for Gaffers.  (Cost: $19.99)

Click Here To Read More About PocketLD Film Lighting App

film app iphoneFiLMiCProby Cinegenix, LLC
FiLMiC Pro takes movie making to the next level and turns your iPhone into one of the most powerful and robust full featured HD video cameras around. FiLMiC Pro offers more ways than any other video camera app to personalize your shooting method. This app has everything you’ll ever need to create your mobile masterpiece. If it’s all you got, might as well. (Cost: $2.99)

Click Here To Read More About FiLMiCPro App

film app black manaScreenplay by Black Mana Studios.
Black Mana Studios. Screenplay is the world.s first fully-functional mobile screenwriting application. It allows professionals and hobbyists alike to write complete movie and television screenplays directly on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Seems like it would be a bit tedious on a iPhone, but a iPad.. Hell Ya! (Cost: $2.99)

Click Here To Read More About The Black Mana Screenplay App

camera app pcampCam by David Eubank.
A Motion Picture and Still Photography calculator for Directors of Photography, Photographers, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants, VFX Supervisors, Script Supervisors, Gaffers, Grips, Editors, Production Designers, Art Directors, Film and Photography Students. It calculates depth of field, field of view, focus splits, hyper-focal distance, exposure compensation, running time, HMI safe speeds and shutters, color correction filters, diopter shift, macro, time lapse, underwater focus distance, illumination beam intensity, light coverage and even has a built-in Siemens Star focus chart. It will Take all the fun out of doing it yourself and getting it wrong! (Cost: $29.99)

Click Here To Read More About The pCam Focal App

film app slateMovie Slate by PureBlend Software.
Movie Slate is a digital slate, clapper board, shot log, and shot notepad. Designed for use with film, television, documentaries, interviews, and home movies. Movie Slate provides an easy way to log footage and take notes as you shoot. Saving you time later when you capture and edit the footage on your computer. The best time saver out there. (Cost: $4.99)

Click Here To Read More About The Pureblend Movie Slate App

film app gelsGel Swatch Library by Wybron.
Search and compare over 1,000 GAM, Lee, Apollo and Rosco gel colors with Wybron’s Gel Swatch Library for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Gel Swatch Library gives you multiple ways to find the best color for your production. Scroll through lists of gels made by each manufacturer, or search for a specific gel name. Spectral Energy Distribution curves and CMY/RGB percentages listed for each color provide the vital data you need to create amazing scenes. Why is my face green, I’m not sick! (Cost: $9.99)

Click Here To Read More About The Gel Swatch App

film app logAction Log Pro.
Andris Ltd 
Action Log is a film and television logging tool, designed for use on location or in a studio with up to 25 recording devices. At the touch of a button the logging system keeps track of all reel names and timecodes for each recorded piece of action. I promise this will save you time, but for the love a god.. Please keep your device charged and Backed up! (Cost: $29.99)

Click Here To Read More About The Action Log Pro App

(P.s. Everyone should have a Street Mapping GPS App on their phone when they arrive in LA. Don’t be that person sitting on the side of the road in their car thumbing thru a ‘Thomas Guide’ wondering where the hell you’re supposed to go. A ‘Thomas Guide’ is a rather large Map Book of the city about the size of college Chemistry Book. Don’t be that guy!)

Well I hope this list gets you started in the the right direction, if you have used any other production apps.  Please let us know which ones and how they worked for you…

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