OK – I hire for a company with a couple hundred employees in the Film/TV business. The company I work for has downsized HR, and we are looking for creative ways to screen potential new staff members. Here is a bit of advice: Put down the bong when your friends are taking pictures, then take a good look at all your social networking accounts. (Facebook page(s) / MySpace.)

Employers are doing the cheap and easy when it comes to background checks these days. When we want to fill a position, we gather resumes, and then we start looking you up on the popular social network sites. Cheapest way to weed out the problem children when you need to make the right decision and do not have a budget for attracting recruits. Hey, the economy is bad, and companies looking to hire don’t want to pay $29.99 to find out if someone has skeletons in the closet, has a party priority or is searching for kinky love.

The sooner you put your social networking in perspective while looking for a break in the Hollywood job market. The sooner you will be taken seriously as a viable candidate. You can’t really get rid of all the info you spew onto the internet about yourself or your friends. So start thinking about it now and you will at least look better than the people who have not.

Here are some examples.
I am interested in hiring someone for an entry level position, I need to be careful because this job is one that holds security clearance for a sensitive area with exposure to not yet released films. I narrow it down to two candidates based on general resume info and cover letters that sound sincerely interested in the job.

Some general searching of the top social sites turns up lots of info on

* Candidate #1, including links to friends. Partying and outing others seem to be the main topics of recent entries. Pictures include (the bong) candidate #1 wasted at the beach.
* Candidate #2 has posted less dramatic info and seems to promote some of the same interests that they submitted with their resume. Simple head shot. Picture of motorcycle. Post telling friends to rent original Tron before new sequel(? is it?) comes out.

Candidate #1 – Talks to my VM, ad nauseam.
Candidate #2 – Gets a call back, interview, etc…

Get the point ?

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