Heads up Newbies you need to know about Job Networking in Hollywood.

What ever city you might be reading this post from is not the only one that is have a job crisis. California is rolling at a 12% unemployment, and don’t believe all the BS you have heard about loose borders and old people snagging up all the jobs. California is in the top 3 for home foreclosure, if you live in Nevada of Florida your better off moving here as quickly as you can (buy the Hollywood Oracle Survival Guide first!). Its the economy stupid.

Hollywood Job NetworkWhat is my point? Before you consider moving to beautiful Los Angeles, keep in mind; the entertainment business is no exception. As a matter of fact, the changing technology and price of living out here is wiping some people and whole families off the map. Starving artists (and sound techs and grips and stand up comedians) are really starving! The entertainment guilds are shrinking (I did not really say that, did I?), and like everywhere else in the country the hiring managers are being asked to reduce head count and hire on a zero sum basis. Terminate = Hire (some times).

Ok – Now that I have scared 50% of our readers out of to wanting move here at all, some shameless endorsement, for a good cause. I caught this on the local news this morning and wanted to share:

Out of work Californians had a chance to mingle with potential employers at a job fair in Hermosa Beach Thursday.

The event was organized by PinkSlipMixers.com, an online community of experienced professionals who are currently unemployed.

About a dozen hiring companies were on hand at Thursday’s Jobs Expo & Summit with openings for mid- to upper-level positions, including a few job openings with six figure incomes. Seminars were held in which job seekers were matched up directly with the people in charge of hiring.

Edwin Duterte, one of the organizers of the Pink Slip Mixers event, said the expo was different from other job fairs because it was actually created and organized by jobless professionals.

“I can help the community find jobs for themselves while I search at the same time,” said Duterte, who was laid off in 2008 and is living off his retirement savings.

Guests at Pink Slip Mixers events are asked to help fellow job seekers by forwarding job postings and tweeting tips to each other.

“There’s a huge social media component,” Jennifer Hill said.  “In fact there’s a rule I’ve enacted called the 30-30-30 rule.  If you want to find a job in this economy, you have to spend 30 percent of your time applying to jobs online, 30 percent of your time attending networking events, and 30 percent of your time leveraging your online social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.”

Here is the original link if you want it:

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