Well, it almost happened again last weekend while I was on location prepping for an upcoming film shoot.  Gravity and Extreme Stupidity teamed up again to prove once and for all that ‘Stupid is as Stupid does’.  For any new people that are thinking about moving to Hollywood to work as a film crew member on a production set. I implore you to heed the words of ‘ Jon Anderson’ the lead singer of the band ‘Yes’ from their 1984 Album ‘90125‘ song entitled ‘It Can Happen‘. If taken a bit out context his words just might save your life. The important lyrics are displayed below. Read them, listen to them and learn them. Consider this my first of many PSA’s to try and get you prepared for Hollywood set life and hopefully keep you safe. Finally, FYI for all you young ones out there reading this, the below song is truly what real Rock N’ Roll sound likes..

YES Album 90125

LYRICS – ‘It Can Happen’

Look out – Look around
Look up – Look down
There’s a crazy world outside
We’re not about to lose our pride
It can happen to you
It can happen to me
It can happen to everyone eventually
As you happen to say
It can happen today
As it happens
It happens in every way.

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So you’re willing to risk it all for your Hollywood Dream, I mean really risk it all.
Be careful what you wish for because that awesome new job in Hollywood you just landed just might kill you. We all know Hollywood has no problem crushing people’s dreams, but it’s also very good at crushing something else if you get caught not paying attention, your skull! I can tell you first hand that being strapped to backboard and having a neck brace put on you is not the type of fun you want to be having on a film set.  Accidents are all part of the risky nature of show business and they only seem to intensify and multiply as you climb down the entertainment job ladder. Time constraints and financial pressures cause the morons in charge to cut corners as much as possible which tends to push every actor, crew member and machine on set to their limits. You’re expendable… Don’t ever forget it! Just ask these guys…

to be continued tomorrow in Part 2…’When Film Sets Attack’

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