As I stated the other day, your answer to the following question.. “What kind of car do you drive?” can open and close many entry-level PA job doors for you. (Read Part 1 Now)

Here’s why.. If You say ” I own a…

One More Stop at the Dub House, then I'm done for the day.

1. Motorcycle or Scooter –
Pointless as far as I’m concerned if you wanna be a useful production assistant on my tv or film production. They’re pretty much only good if your working for a messenger service. MEEP! MEEP!  Which by the way, is a great entry-level Hollywood job as well. Mainly because it gives you access to many of the Hollywood studio lots and production companies. Make sure you keep a copy of your resume in your vehicle at all times, no matter what job title you carry. You never know when your gonna be somewhere good. Back to bikes..Yes, their great for zipping thru bumper to bumper traffic, but try going to Cost Co and putting 4 cases of water, 3 cases of Coke, a Supersize Pak of Paper towels & Cups on the Back of your bike. Good Luck with that.. All Hollywood PA’s are the token shoppers of the production. Every Post PA – Office PA – Set PA – Art PA – Wardrobe PA. If you can make the abbreviation of PA in your Hollywood job title you better have a big trunk so I can put my bike in it.. :)

2. Old Ass P.O.S Car or Truck –
If it’s all you got.. It’s all you got.. No Disrespect! Just remember though, you will only get about 2 lame ass ‘My Car Broke Down’ excuses before your reliability starts coming into question. DEPENDABILITY.. A major factor for anyone that wants a stable job in Hollywood. Car mechanical failures happen to everyone, just don’t make them a habit.  Unless you want A ‘Proceed with Caution’ label attached to your new Hollywood career. Plus, If it comes down to a choice between someone with a P.O.S. car and someone with 2009 Pathfinder. Trust me, It may not be fair but the person with the newer car has the upper-hand already in getting hired over you. Daily driving in LA is brutal on a cars parts, especially old ones. And as your boss, it’s one less thing that I need to worry about.

3. Newer Cars or SUV –
Good for you.. Just remember, automatics are much more comfortable to drive. Riding a clutch in bumper to bumper traffic for 5 hours a day is no fun. It makes long work days feel even longer. Trust me. By all means, buy the nice Shelby Mustang with the manual tranny. Just do it after you finish your PA Career.

4. Pick-Up Trucks –
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner IMO – Owning this type a vehicle opens up a few more avenues of employment for you as a PA, pending on what area of production you looking to go into. It will also make your life easier with all the loading and unloading you’ll be doing. In fact, pending on the sector there’s a possibility of a higher paying P.A. wage compared to others across the board because of it’s versatility. For someone like me who wanted to work in Miniatures and Special effects when I came out here to Hollywood. This sector of PA’s are almost always required to own a truck. In this case though, older is almost better because they will destroy it by the time your done. A lesson my new truck learned the hard way. Get a truck bed-liner if you don’t have one already!

WARNING : The only real set back for anyone owning a Pick-up Truck in LA is the fact that everyone you know will ask you to help them move their crap at some point. This is good for the occasional free case of beer or some extra cash on the side though. But I counted 12 weekends one year that I was used for my Bed.. and not the good one, if you know what I mean. :)

That’s it for me..
I hope you enjoyed this Hollywood Insider Tip.. More to Come

Dingo Out- ____________________________________________________________

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  1. Alex the Courier says:

    This is the truth. I deliver tapes all day long in LA. Easy money if you can stand the wear and tear on your car. I can’t count the times I wished I had a copy of my resume with me when picking up or dropping off a dailies reel.
    One thing you should mention for all the out-of-towners moving here. CA DMV registration is a bitch! Getting CA tags for my ride cost me $100s of dollars. Keep your out of state plates as long as you can.

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