I’m afraid to say that having your own transportation is a must if you really want to have a chance at breaking in to the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Yes, there will always be exceptions to this rule, but not many. Hollywood production assistant jobs are hard to come by in this town. If you think car pooling is gonna be an option it isn’t. Most people you will meet in this town won’t like you and they certainly won’t like giving you rides to work. The main reason being that everyone you know will be on a different schedule than you, friends and co-workers alike, especially if your a PA. Furthermore, the city of Los Angeles is way to spread out and it’s divided in half by a small mountain range making co-commuting next to impossible. And there’s nothing worse then being trapped in a car with someone you have nothing in common with for 45 minutes in rush hour traffic.

P.A. Car

If your car starts smoking.. Get the Tape Masters out of the Back Seat..

Biking is no good, unless you’re just commuting within the local beach communities. If your relying on a company car, it’s possible, it might work. But remember, at that level on the job ladder your salary blows anyway. Using your own car and getting mileage reimbursement can make a huge positive impact in your bottom line by as much as $150 per week. Drive an Electric car and you could make a small fortune. The public transportation system in LA is adequate, but it doesn’t go everywhere yet and it’s not flexible and that’s what you need to be when you arrive here in California to truly have a chance to get that first Hollywood PA Job. And as someone who occasionally interviews & hires PA’s for a living. I promise you, one of the first questions you will be asked is “Do you have your own car and insurance?” Your answer better be yes, if you want the job. But your not hired yet though.. My next question is gonna be ‘What kind of Vehicle do you have? Your answer here can open and close many employment doors as well for you. Here’s why.. If You say ” I own a…

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Your New Hollywood PA Job just might depend on your answer..

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