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‘Kelly’ writes in
Love your site.. I’m graduating college from the University of North Texas next x-mas with a degree in Tv’ / Film Production and was wondering if I should move to LA right away or should I wait till the summertime.? I guess what I’m asking is… Are their more jobs available now or during the summer. Thanks for any response… Kelly.

‘Oracle’ Reply
Hey Kelly,
Thanks for loving our site… The quick answer to your question is.. Right Away!  January and February is great time to arrive in LA to find work, if you can afford to that is. If money is tight after your graduate get a job at home for a few months first and save some cash, then get your butt out here ASAP. Because you won’t survive out here if you only have a couple $1000 dollars on you. The money will go quick, too quick and then you’ll be back at home wondering how the hell your mother turned your bedroom into a knitting barn in less then 3 months.

If your an actor, it’s a no brainer. Pilot season always start’s after the new year and runs till March or April. Working behind the scenes is no different. Most companies are ramping up projects at this time and will begin production as soon as the rainy season stops, if we have one at all. If you wait until the summer months to arrive, all the local kids come back from college and take much of the low lying fruit. So PA jobs as well as service industry jobs will disappear from mid-May to the end of August. The fall isn’t horrible for finding work. September and October being the best months, the main reason being the mass exodus of young adults out of the LA workforce because they have to go back to school full time.


Hope that helps Kelly.  These are just the most obvious answers to your question. And since I’m out of time.. That’s all your gonna get!

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  1. Joe says:

    I want to work in the industry, I really want to move to Hollywood. I live really far away (out of the country actually) , and I wanted to go to film school there too. All this would take a LOT of money, and I read that most people don’t make it in Hollywood. It’s a lot to risk, but I wanna move there as soon as I get out of high school. I wanna study to be a film director. Should I do it? If I fail I don’t have a backup plan. But it really is my passion.

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