What’s Outside Your Window at Work ?

What’s the coolest thing about working in the Hollywood Production Industry?  For me, it’s especially frick’n cool if you can get a job on a Hollywood Studio Production Lot.  Mainly because,  it’s all about the crazy things you get to see everyday. Many times on a lot, movie props or sets get shuffled by you and you have no clue what the hell it is or what show it’s for. Other times, you see things that have defined a generation. Things the rest of the world only wish they could see or be apart of. There’s nothing better than sitting in your new office and seeing a prop from one of your favorite TV shows being parked right outside your window. And then it hits you, you realize that they’re actually filming your favorite TV show right outside your building for the next 3 months. And you think to yourself.. Wow! That’s Cool. And then you  remember why your in this business.

Who can guess what show this Movie / Tv  Prop is from…? Anyone… ?
‘Slice of Life’

Dexter Slice of life

Hint.. Dead people in trash Bags don’t float..

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