Hollywood Studio Lots – Are The Best Places To Work in Hollywood

That was the title of my last post. I’m pretty sure now I’m not that enthusiastic about them anymore. I hate you Hollywood Studio Lot! Why have you forsaken me?

One of the hard truths that you will find out about if you finally do decide to try and make a career in the Hollywood Film & TV industry is, jobs come and go at the blink of an eye. You may never know when it will happen or why it happens, but just know that at some point it will happen to you. And most likely, it will happen when you least expect it. So you better be prepared to roll with the punches if you’re gonna survive this roller coaster of a town. One day you’re thinking to yourself, I’m King of the World and then somehow out of nowhere on the next day you find out that you’re actually now King of Jack-Shit.

Hollywood unemployment lineFive weeks into my new reality show job, which was supposed to last for the next 5 months, just got the axe from the network. That’s right, entire show cancelled even before the first episode of eight was in the can. WTF is that all about. There’s nothing like witnessing 30 people get fired all at once, it’s quite a site I must say. That’s why you should always be very leery of that mid-morning conference call that everyone from production is ordered to listen in on. It’s never gonna be a good conversation!  Just remember, on a conference call no one knows who’s making the fart noises on the other end, so feel free to fart away if you’ve just been fired over the phone!

P.s. There’s no crying when your on speaker phone either, so keep it together, unless your an unstable person and are considering going to your car to retrieve that hand gun in your glove box. If that’s the case, please cry loudly so I know who to avoid later in the day.

The conference call basically goes like this. Head of Company says ” I just wanted to say, you guys are amazing and you’ve been doing such a stellar job so far. Blah Blah Blah…” Oh really, then why the hell has my show just been erased from existence… At this point the blame game starts, your boss will tell you it’s not there fault. The network will blame the production company. The production co. blames the cast. The cast then blames the production company followed full circle by the production company then blaming the Network. It’s Plausible Deniability at its finest.

Finally the conference call starts to wrap up and you’re told something that every employed person hates to hear. Clean out your desk, wrap up your lose ends and get the hell out by end of day. Turn in your keys, turn in your badges.

So be it… Luckily I live at the beach in Venice.. And it’s summertime. Oh no, what will I do! But YOU better have planned for a rainy day like this in your bank account too. Otherwise you’ll be living in a van down by the river pretty damn quick. Or worse yet, moving back home to Oklahoma in to your converted yarn barn of bedroom that your mother created while you were gone.

You should always plan for the unexpected career curve ball, especially if you choose a career in Hollywood though. Because this town can throw some wicked stuff your way that will make you look like a fool, if you’re not ready for it. Play Hard.. Play Smart.. And this town can be yours too!

The Oracle

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