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outplacementHere in Hollywood working in Human Resources can be, at the very least, interesting. You get to meet everyone. You learn a great deal about insurance benefits. Some of the employees are in the Local 700 and others are not Union at all. You get to be involved in all the behind the scenes (and in front of the scenes) drama and always get front row seats to any disciplinary action. The hardest job, of course is the terminations. Firing an employee is no fun (even if they have earned it) and layoffs in the entertainment business can be just as bad as anywhere else in the country.

One HR activity that the average worker bee might not be aware of is something called “outplacement”. No, this is not some cool and hip perk that comes with working for a major motion pictures studio or television production company. It is something much, much more….

I recently had the non-pleasure of participating in another round of layoffs and was told that executive management wanted to do something beneficial for the outgoing Editors, Color Timers and VFX Artists. They referred to it as an “outplacement”. This had me interested. What is this magical outplacement? Here is what it says in the dictionary:

noun \ˌau̇t-ˈplās-mənt, ˈau̇t-ˌ\
Definition of OUTPLACEMENT
: the process of easing unwanted or unneeded executives out of a company by providing company-paid assistance in finding them new jobs.

A new word really, seems it was coined in the 1970s, probably by some movie executives that wanted to rid themselves of some other studio executives, so that they could make room to hire some new entertainment executives. Not my favorite type of word, but one thing I do like (according to the definition) is that bit about “company-paid assistance”. When you are in the department that has to organize the process by which people are let go during a layoff, any silver lining designed to help people out is a positive thing. Thus, “Outplacement” is a good thing….

In this case, the employees received a small severance package (company-paid assistance) and something called the “outplacement guide”.

OK – Thanks for the history lesson, right?

Here is the point. For everyone who is looking for work, I have included a copy of the “Outplacement Guide”. You now have some of the same advice and resources given to the recently laid off workers in Hollywood (sorry no severance). Make good use of it, there is plenty of competition out there for Hollywood jobs!

Outplacement File Download

Hope this Helps A Little… Which is all we’re trying to do here at ‘The Hollywood Oracle’.
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