From bashing cars with umbrellas to full-on physical assaults, battling the paparazzi is just another day in the life of America’s biggest superstars. In today’s celebrity-fueled culture, stars walk a fine line between welcoming publicity and craving privacy. And when celebrities and the paparazzi collide, the photographers often take the brunt:

Round 1: Hollywood’s Original Bad Boy vs. the Brits

paparazziBack in 1985, Hollywood up-and-comer Sean Penn tried to protect his then-fiancé Madonna from a slew of British reporters snapping shots of the Material Girl on her morning jog. According these begrudged reporters, Penn “went berserk,” pummeling them and threatening to smash their heads in with a rock, according to Time. Hollywood’s Bad Boy paid a $100 fine for two counts of assault and battery — and fired the opening salvo in the celebrity vs. paparazzi war that’s still going strong more than 20 years later.

Round 2: Britney Spears & Umbrella vs. Photog’s Car

In between rehab stints in 2007, America’s pop princess unleashed her fury on the paparazzi chronicling her bizarre public meltdown. After ex-husband Kevin Federline refused to let Spears see their children, Spears pulled into a gas station with a paparazzo right on her tail. After begging for privacy, Spears attacked the photog’s car with her unopened umbrella, bashing the car so hard her umbrella broke. Spears later issued a bizarre apology note to the photographer’s agency, X17, saying that she was “preparing for a possible movie role,” which — surprise, surprise — she didn’t get.

Round 3: Mel Gibson & Fake Mustache vs. Paparazzo

After failing to go incognito with a fake mustache and glasses, Mel Gibson turned the tables on the paparazzo trailing him. Gibson walked up to the pap’s car and stuck his iPhone in his face, giving the pap a taste of his own medicine. While Gibson doesn’t bash the car in with an umbrella, Gibson’s bizarre verbal sparring with the paparazzo (captured on film, of course) is equally entertaining — if you like watching a slow train wreck.

Round 4: Alec Baldwin & Stuffed Animal vs. Paparazzo

Alec Baldwin — and his infamous temper — is no stranger to violent paparazzi confrontations. Just days after shoving a photographer outside a New York City courthouse, Baldwin got physical with another photog outside his apartment. The volatile star, armed with a large pink stuffed animal, marched right up to the person. Baldwin verbally and physically assaulted him — allegedly saying, “I know you got raped by a priest or something.” Baldwin may not be entirely at fault; the photog reportedly harassed Baldwin’s neighbors for days leading up to the face-off.

Round 5: Halle Berry vs. School Paparazzo

Being a star may mean relinquishing some aspects of privacy, but don’t mess with a celebrity’s kids! Halle Berry went into full-on “Momma Bear” mode, protecting her four-year-old daughter, Nahla, from the paparazzi outside her L.A. preschool. After one photog got too close for Berry’s comfort, the actress angrily confronted him, calling him a “piece of s**t” and unleashing a storm of explosive expletives.

Thanks to the recent slew of celebrity versus paparazzi show-downs — including the 2013 death of one photographer following Justin Bieber — cities like Los Angeles are now considering tougher laws to protect celebrities’ privacy. Maybe it’s time for these photogs to rethink their chosen career path. A photography degree at could give the paparazzi the skills to take professional, artistic photos without invading people’s privacy.

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  1. Recently, it’s Kristen Stewart versus another paparazzi. I can understand the celebs though, there are really times when photographers are crossing the line and being too disrespectful and overstepping the stars’ privacy.

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