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Do you have dreams about making it big in Hollywood? Do you think you have what it takes to work behind the scenes on a film or be a star on network TV. Do you want to work as a Hollywood director, DP, camera operator, editor, production designer or producer? Do you want to be an actor or have a modeling career or a job in fashion in LA? If you’re passionate about finding a film Job or working in television, music or theatre and you’re considering moving to Hollywood, C.A., the ‘ORACLE’ can help you figure some important things out before you move to LA. Let us show you how to break into Hollywood. Let us take the ‘Risk’ out of the Business.

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Most people only get a few chances in life to pursue their dreams, but Hollywood can be brutal if you are not prepared. Planning your entertainment career goals and knowing what to expect before you arrive in a town like L.A. will make all the difference. That first entry-level Hollywood job and that new place you’ll call home will set the tone for your first couple of years. Don’t make the same mistakes that seem to plague everyone when they move to Hollywood without a plan. Get the advice you need to know beforehand, so you can be confident in your choices when you arrive later. Achieving your dreams just might depend on it! Here at the ‘Hollywood Oracle’ our main priority is to educate you. We are committed to providing practical and professional analysis on the important issues that will help you get a good start on your new Hollywood career. So enjoy reading our informative yet entertaining blog about the Hollywood Industry Lifestyle and then consider reading our E book, the ‘Hollywood Survival Guide‘, which gives a much more comprehensive and in-depth look on how to make the big move to Hollywood. Both of these resources can be a useful tool in helping you make it here. So, I hope you take advantage of them.

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    I’m Sanal Dissanayaka.From Sri lanka.My Age is 19.I Have Worked in Local an epic film& I Have done my own short films (3 Short films)
    I have learned About cinematography & .if you can get me to your team

    Thanks you

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