Hollywood.  What does it make you think of? Celebrities? Actors? Most people only think of the entertainment or film side of the industry.  What some people don’t realize is there are more than just entertainment jobs in Hollywood where you still work hand in hand with the entertainment company. Weird right?

Rose Pendleton - Fashion Designer & Actress

My name is Rose Pendleton, I am a young entrepreneur currently working many different areas of Hollywood. Acting is my first love and main goal, however, along the way I fell in love with another one of my guilty pleasures; Fashion. Creating it, that is.  This week my life is all about fashion.  I’m not talking about about who wears the best or worst clothing or the movie with the best costumes (unless you want to be a costume designer!) I’m talking about coming up with a concept of your own image, producing it and watching your creation take flight.

I’ve spent the past two months preparing for the runway premiere of my 2011 collection “I Believe”. Two months. When was the collection of clothing that’s premiering at the fashion show actually created? Last October.  Now this may just be because I juggle arts like shiny red bean bags but it took me a full year to create, promote, advertise and finally get my collection on the runway.  Is it cheap? No, but is any area in Hollywood?

For those of you who are aspiring fashion designers my first advice in creating a line is take things slowly.  My collection consists of less than fifteen pieces. Each piece took work, each piece means something to me and each piece is it’s own. So, how exactly do you become a designer? The best way to become a designer is to just do it.  Put yourself into your artwork.  Designing is a lot different than acting.  With acting or modeling, you have to have the right look, you have to have skills, etc. You are someone Else’s mold, someone Else’s vision.  With design it’s entirely your own which is one of the reasons I’m proud to be a designer.

Start by coming up with your idea of what you’d like to do. What are your interests? Do you want to design cocktail dresses? Or hair accessories? Then come up with your first product, start small and build.
rose fasion show
The first products are not going to be great. As a matter of fact they might be the worst things you’ve ever seen. Don’t let this discourage you, because what you don’t understand is your first piece should be one of the worst things you’ve ever designed. Why? Because if your FIRST piece was the best thing you’d ever created then why would you continue creating? Everything would go downhill from there.  You have to learn from each piece, you have to decide how you want people to view your products. You are in complete control.

Is it more profitable to start in New York rather than Los Angeles?  I personally think yes, but realistically you can start a design company anywhere at anytime on any location.  New York is the city that never sleeps, fashion moves through the streets like stray cats in alleyways looking for milk until dawn.  Everyone looks different, everyone minds their own business, no one is the same.  Individuals that stand out.  Los Angeles is the city that everyone comes to to be “famous”. Attention seekers. That’s it. Los Angeles is a ball of jumbled up artists who think they need to have specific looks in order to make it because that’s what they’re told.  They spend their time trying to look like everyone one else, trying to blend in and create what’s already been created because they think that’s what casting directors are looking for or what modeling agencies want. Los Angeles is behind on times when it comes to fashion. Given, Hollywood is busy filming movies and that’s what it’s good at but where’s the originality?

My advice today is to step back Hollywood and look at yourself. Do you look like everyone else? Are you trying to be something you’re not just to make it in the entertainment industry?  Don’t sell out for your dreams.  Think about it and then choose hypothetically where you’d rather be New York with the original stray alley cats or in Hollywood where everyone thinks they’ve got the right look to make it.  Looks aren’t everything, but your art is. Your art shows who you are and if you look just like everyone else, be prepared to be treated just like everyone else. In order to make it in any industry you need to stand out and just be you.

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I hope you enjoyed my first contribution here at THO. I look forward to writing more about my adventures here in LA LA Land. Hopefully, I will answer some of your questions along the way and if not, please feel free to ask me one…

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