Jerry Seinfeld is best known for his starring role in the 1990s American comedy TV show “Seinfeld.” He’s also one of the top grossing stand-up comedians year after year. Since his hit sit-com, the funnyman has popped up in the public eye every now and then, promoting American Express business cards and creating the animated film “Bee Movie.” Mostly, though, this New Yorker sticks to what he loves the most: comedy and cars.

With his fame and riches, he has amassed an amazing collection of antique cars. Get an inside look at his antique car collection and find out what it takes to maintain a fleet of that size.

What Type of Cars Does Jerry Collect?

Jerry Seinfeld Porsche

Photo by Bryan Thatcher

Seinfeld is a fan of Porsche cars in particular. According to an auto article, he has one of the largest collections of Porsche cars in the world. At the time the article was published he had 47 of them. He has collected a wide range of Porsche cars ranging from more common models to the rarest of the rare. His collection is estimated at around $15 million and includes:

  • Porsche 911s
  • Porsche Boxsters
  • A 1944 Porsche 550 Spyder
  • A Porsche 959, one of only 337 ever built.

Are They Road Ready?

As this insurance guide states, antique car insurance is often cheaper than you might think — not that Seinfeld is overly concerned with insurance premium costs! For the most part, his cars are road ready and able to be driven. He has a private mechanic that keeps the cars in perfect condition and ready to drive, with the exception of the Porsche 959, which does not pass safety and emissions testing.

How Does He Keep Them?

To store his cars, he paid $1.7 million to have a former plumbing factory in New York converted into a two-story garage, according to Business Insider, as well as other storage facilities including a hangar in Santa Monica. Since his current garage only holds 20 vehicles, he stores the remainder elsewhere, many believe he may still use the Santa Monica hangar.

Can the Public View His Collection?

While Seinfeld does not make his car collection public, he has appeared on many collecting shows and done interviews with many magazines. He is a private person and tries to maintain that standard with his cars as well.

Although you may never have a collection as extensive as Jerry’s, getting started buying classic cars is a hobby that is not out of reach. Even with Porsche’s, there are certain models that while not cheap are not much more than a “regular” car. If you do decide to get involved with buying antique automobiles, make sure you read up on the subject, so you understand what you’re getting into.

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