See what your missing by not Living in Los Angeles..

It’s not every where in this country you can be walking home from work on a Thursday evening and all of sudden a giant army tank rolls by with 2 men in Tuxedos sticking out it being flanked by police officers on bikes. That’s odd I think to myself, since I’m walking down Hollywood Blvd during rush hour at the moment. Then, like a vulture circling above it’s dying prey a black-ops type helicopter appears above the buildings. Again, I think to myself WTF is going on. I would of thought we were just attacked by terrorists except for the two dorks in tuxes on the tank. Who were they and what was happening? Then it all became clear as I approached the next intersection. Ba Da Daaah Da Da Daaah..

That’s right Boys & Girls, The A-Team Premiere Party outside Mans Chinese Theatre in full effect. The 2 dorks on the Tank, that’s Bradley Cooper, star of the Blockbuster movie ‘The Hangover’ and Sharlto Copley, star of the sci-fi hit ‘District 9’. So in cased you missed it, Hollywood stroking itself once again over a film that was mainly shot in Canada, as well as screwing up rush hour traffic for the rest of us. Here is a video I found of this historic event as it happened live.. Enjoy it, and just remember, there’s always room for one more dork out here in Hollywood.. So what are you waiting for? Get Packing..! And if you need some more advice on this subject of moving to LA you should seriously consider buying our ‘Hollywood Survival Guide‘ Ebook. It will answer many of the questions you might be having about Hollywood Life.

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