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The Good thing for you is that LA is like going away to college. Meaning when you go off to college you find yourself surrounded by people from all over the United States. Hence many of your friends probably rooted for different NFL teams, usually the team from their home towns.  Los Angeles is no different. LA is a town full of out of state transplants. Each bringing their own teams fandom to this land of the lost for NFL teams.

LA once had an NFL team, I mean 2 teams, I mean 1 team, I mean no teams.  From ’79 to ’94 they had Los Angeles Rams, but they played in Anaheim. That’s not really LA.. Right!  In 1982, AL Davis brought the Oakland Raiders to play at the LA Coliseum. (Horrible stadium to watch football by the way. It’s like watching ants play rugby) However, he found the city to difficult to work with and after the 1994 North Ridge earthquake conditions at the Coliseum had deteriorated and no plans were being made to fix them. Al packed up his trucks and moved his team back to Oakland. However, you will still find a strong and rowdy fan base for the Raider Nation throughout Los Angeles. So much so that they have banned Raiders Gear in many sports bars around town.

But as I said, 50 percent of this population isn’t from LA. So not watching raiders games on Sunday didn’t matter that much to us out of towners. All we cared about was our home team and where we could catch our game. And that’s where LA gets nice. Most sports bar owners are not from LA either and since their is no local team to drive business on Sundays to their establishments for football they have chosen to support their home team from out of state. Hence you have bars throughout LA that are team specific. Which makes for some fun Sundays hanging with people that are all from your home town.

College Saturday is no different. Yes, there are a lot of USC and UCLA fans around town, but their are Gator bars, Cornhusker bars, Michigan, you name your college team, there’s a bar for you..

My team is the Chicago Bears and we probably have one of the biggest followings in LA outside the Raiders. The best Bears bar in town by far is Tin Horn Flats in Burbank. 160 + rowdy bar fans jam into this Old West Saloon style bar. And if you plan on going to 10 am game on Sunday. That’s right kiddies NFL starts at 10am in LA. Nothing like catching a good buzz before noon in LA LA Land. You will need to get in line around 9:30 or you can forget about getting a seat or past the swinging saloon doors for that matter.  Check Them Out.


“Goodell sends message about NFL team in LA”

St. Louis, consider this as your wake-up call. While it might have appeared that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell simply sent a private memo to the NFL’s 32 franchise owners Friday, in reality he broadcast a clarion call to every nervous American city that has an NFL franchise playing in an outdated stadium, haggling over a bad lease or fretting over sagging local attendance.
Los Angeles is officially in play as a fabulous alternative to every disgruntled pro football owner.
According to the confidential memo, read more from

I for one hope they get one. I really hope it’s not the rams. They need a new franchise to really get the cities football fan base excited. Rooting for the Rams again just sounds boring.

Los Angeles NFL Team Sports Bar List


Watch Chicago Bears Game Bar
Tin Horn Flats – Burbank
O’Brien’s Irish Pub – Santa Monica (main st)

Watch Philadelphia Eagles Game Bar
Sports Harbor – Marina Del Rey
The Shack – SM

Watch Pittsburgh Steelers  Game Bar
Dillion’s Irish Pub – Hollywood
Cock ‘N Bull Pub
Gabe’s Bar & Grill

Watch San Francisco 49ers Game Bar
San Francisco Saloon – West Los Angeles

Watch New England Patriots Game Bar
Sonny McLeans – Santa Monica

Watch Green Bay Packers Game bar
Champs Sports Pub – Burbank
Pickwick’s Pub – Woodland Hills
Tattle Tale Room

Watch Minnesota Vikings Game bar
The Varsity Sports bar

Watch New York Giants Game Bar
Ricks Tavern – Santa Monica

Watch Buffalo Bills Game Bar
Busby’s West – West LA

Watch Dallas Cowboys Game Bar
Yankee Doodles in Santa Monica

Watch Seattle Seahawks Game Bar
Backstage Bar and Grill Culver City

Watch Oakland Raiders Game Bar
Sports Harbor in Culver City

Watch Washington Redskins Game Bar
Joxer Daly’s  in Culver City

Good Luck Los Angeles, I hope you realize your football dreams. But just like the rest of LA, dreams don’t always come true in this town.

The Oracle

2 Responses to “Living in Los Angeles With No Local NFL Football Team – Where’s My NFL Team On”

  1. The Oracle says:

    Thanks For The Rams History Lesson.. I’m gonna blame Wikipedia on that one…
    That is a lot of local history.. Da Bears!

  2. Jason Perez says:

    Your facts are severely lacking in reference to the amount of time the Rams were in Los Angeles. They were in Anaheim from 1980 to 1994, still referring to themselves as the “Los Angeles” Rams, but they played in the LA Coliseum from 1946 to 1979. 1946 to 1994, nearly 50 years in total that they occupied the Los Angeles/Orange County landscape as the NFL team known as the “Los Angeles Rams”, sharing the local market only the last 12 years with the Raiders, from 1982 to 1994. Both the Rams and the Raiders moved in the summer of 1995, to St. Louis and Oakland respectively. You can’t discount nearly 50 years of presence in the greater L.A. metropolitan region. Georgia Frontiere inherited the team after the “accidental” death of her husband, Carol Rosenbloom, then fired her stepson, Steve Rosenbloom, and assumed total control of the team, which first led to their flight south of the Orange Curtain, and then ultimately to her birth hometown, St. Louie. All evidence points to the Rams return to L.A. as one of 2 teams to reclaim the territory as a local NFL franchise, prior to 2014. While nothing in life is inevitable other than death and taxes, this is the closest thing to it. The rebirth and homecoming of the shanghaied Los Angeles Rams. Mark it on your calendar. They’ll be playing in the Rose Bowl by 2014, and all the foreigners AKA out-of-town transplants will have to finally give up the ghost of their abandoned cities of origin, and embrace the fact that they’re now Los Angelinos, rooting for THEIR hometown team, the L.A. Rams. Jump on the bandwagon now, before it becomes too trendy.

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