If you got Big Talent and a pair of matching ‘Big Cojones’, you too can do whatever the hell you want in show business and still succeed no matter who’s feathers you ruffle.

FX LouieLouis C.K. of the very funny FX comedy series’s ‘Louie’ is that ‘Big Talent’ and yes, those are is his big Brass Cojones smashing down the doors of the old way of doing business in showbiz. For all you new up and comers on the comedy tour, you should be paying attention to what he’s doing right now. He’s a trailblazer. Not just 6 months ago, good ole’ Louis chopped out the TV networks by selling his latest comedy special online and then used the networks to promote it. (Full Story is Here.) Nice One Louie…

And just recently he pulled off a $4.5 Million ticket experiment for his upcoming Live Comedy Tour. He chopped out the ticket vendors like ‘Ticketmaster & Live Nation’ and only sold tickets exclusively on his website. $4.5million worth and NO FEES. (That Full Story is Here). Another nice one Louie, way to stick it to the man.

His FX series, “Louie,” premieres its third season Thursday night at 10:30.

The tour kicks off on October 3 in Cleveland.

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