So you wanna do a zombie picture? Long or short, it sounds like a breeze: just get a bunch of your friends together to shuffle around town like they’re doing the walk of shame after a twelve hour severe alcohol poisoning incident.  Make sure the clothes are ratty and that they moan loudly at the pain of Living Death, especially when being exposed to harsh sunlight without shades.  Zombies don’t squint, y’all- so your actors will be blind and monosyllabic by the end of the day- a method acting happy accident.

DIYDone- easy- but… what if you need closeups? What if you need to see zombies that are about a week old and not looking their freshest?  “Oh- no problem- we just need makeup, “ you think, assuming that your own makeup skills or those of your girlfriend/ emo boyfriend will be strong enough to deliver the goods. About an hour into heavy eyeliner, rouge, and pancake makeup, you make peace with the fact that you’re just not going to have any close-ups and smoky eyed zombies are just going to have to do.

Now, if you have the time to go online, or the easy access to leftover Halloween costume supplies, you won’t have to shell $80 out of the $50 dollar budget you have to track down some Stan Winston Lon Chaney Supreme FX kit. Of course, this kit will say that it will supposedly make you up to look like a random monster from “Buffy” or some miscellaneous Clive Barker character from a NOT Hellraiser movie. Once you open the box though, you will realize pretty quickly that you are still down about five or more accessories to make it look passable or simply “not dumb.”

Don’t fall for that! With time and a few simple ingredients, you’ll be able to whip up a batch of undead for very little overhead and get your D.I.Y. zombies some much needed class.

Ingredients and their approximate costs out of season:

Liquid Latex bottle $18

Red, White, and Black crème makeup tubes $8 for all 3DIY

Wig- the rattier the better $11

Box of Q-tips $2

Paper Towels $1

This gets us to about $40 dollars, which eats the brains out of the one kit scenario by the simple fact that (minus the wig), all the supplies you’ll be buying will be good for at least ten zombie faces. If you have the time, you could potentially have all your zombie friends actually be ready for their close ups.

Last weekend, my partners and I shot a couple of D.I.Y. promos for our zombie T-shirt company (    -Zombie couture- T-shirts and More!).  This week I cut together a behind the scenes segment that shows you how to –once and for all- get you friends to sit still and not say a word for a good solid hour while you apply their D.I.Y. zombie make up.

Watch and enjoy! Then send us some of your Zombie Tips.

Vlad Peters – D.I.Y. Filmmaker

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