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This amazing one of a kind E-book is over 100+ pages of Hollywood Gold. It will show you how to move to Hollywood, how to find a film job or any other entertainment career. It even tells you what areas of this city are the best to live in and which ones you should avoid. It was created and written by a talented group of like-minded entertainment career professionals that currently live and work in LA.  These insiders banded together under one name ‘The Hollywood Oracle‘ to create the most comprehensive downloadable resource ever conceived that offers all the insights, tips and tools you’ll need to set a successful course in one of the most interesting and exciting cities in the world, Los Angeles, California. Let us help you break into Hollywood. Let us take the ‘Risk’ out of the Business.

The “HOLLYWOOD SURVIVAL GUIDE” is in it’s 3rd year of publication and is up-dated annually. It is the one and only resource that you will find that contains the most current and up to date information that you will ever need to succeed in Hollywood. You’ll get the inside track on the myths and truths about living in Los Angeles and how to find jobs related to Film, Television, Theater, Music, Fashion and much more. All of the useful information we have compiled during years of living and working in the entertainment business will be at your fingertips. In short, the ‘HOLLYWOOD SURVIVAL GUIDE’ has been designed to help you determine the best ways to tackle employment and housing before you arrive in town. If you’re already here in LA and reading this don’t worry, it can still help you too.

Donload nowAs a subscriber to the ‘HOLLYWOOD SURVIVAL GUIDE’ ebook, you will have access to tips and valuable information that only Los Angeles locals would know about. We have evaluated the best places to live, what careers are currently in demand, what skills will set you apart from other applicants, current job outlook in all facets of the industry, salaries at all job levels, and basically what to expect when you get here. You will have access to firsthand advice on how to get your foot in the door and land entry level work in the entertainment industry, as well as how to market yourself in Hollywood with in any particular field even if you have little or no experience. No matter what your situation or education, I’m sure we can help you break into Hollywood!

The Oracle’s E-book ‘HOLLYWOOD SURVIVAL GUIDE’ has the answers to all your Hollywood questions and much more:

· What areas are the best place to live in Los Angeles? (With Interactive Mapping Feature)
· Where can I find Apartments for Rent & How Much is Rent?
· Where to look if you need to find a roommate?
· What are the best websites to find local Entertainment Industry jobs as well as secondary?
· What should my resume look like when I get here?
· What does the industry expect me to know before I apply for that dream job?
· Where to look for auditions and casting opportunities without a manager?
· Where to find internships with the major studios while you attend college?
· Do you need a car, or can you survive using public transportation in LA?
· Can I make it in LA as an Accountant or a Teacher? Or is it only for Actors?


(14 of The Best Areas To Live In Los Angeles)
Use It With Our In depth Location Guide To Help You Find Your Perfect Neighborhood


Interactive Map of Los Angeles

On top of that, we also give a comprehensive breakdown of jobs and their descriptions and also give some advice for people who are unsure of the right direction they need to take in attaining their long-term industry goals. Furthermore, if we don’t answer your questions in the E-Book you can send them to us and we will get back to you with an answer ASAP. Below are a few sample pages of the ‘Survival Guide’.  Just CLICK a page and it will open Full View in another window.

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Why The ‘HOLLYWOOD SURVIVAL GUIDE‘ is the right guide for you?

Like many big cities, life can be hard when starting out. At least 30% of the people that decided to move to Hollywood and pursue their dreams never made it, they went back home. Some were not prepared for the commitment needed, others did not realize the level of competition they would face in their effort to get discovered. Having a college degree, being a computer whiz, good looks and raw talent do not guarantee you a shot at the big time (or even a job at the hip coffee shop on Beverly Blvd). Within the pages of this resource guide are the elements that will help you on your journey in starting a successful and lasting career in Hollywood. Having a full understanding of the Hollywood environment before you get here will give you a big edge over your competition. Otherwise, it may take you months if not years to fully understand the big Hollywood picture.


The Anonymous Production Assistant’s Blog

“There is one book that I am endorsing, that of the ‘Hollywood Survival Guide’. Many people have emailed me over the years, asking if I would promote their product. I’ve turned them all down. But then the Hollywood Oracle emailed me about their ebook. It sounded basically like the TAPA blog, but condensed into book form. I told him I wouldn’t advertise it unless I could read it first. I like to believe you guys trust me, and I wouldn’t want to abuse that trust by promoting something I didn’t believe in.

Turns out, the Hollywood Survival Guide has a much broader scope than my blog. Not only does they discuss a wide range of entry level jobs beyond PA (like tape logger or personal assistant), they also go into detail about how to move to LA and how to get around. There’s even a long section breaking down each neighborhood, it’s cost of living, accessibility, and so on. All in all, it’s a very helpful guide to newcomers, and I’m glad to recommend it to anyone inclined to move out here anytime soon.”


The ‘Hollywood Survival Guides’ writers and many of its contributors have gone through the same process themselves. They all have traveled from places around the United States and other countries to Hollywood, starting out in entry level jobs as Production Assistants on Film Sets, Television stages, Reality TV shows and in Commercial Production. Over the years many have successfully held positions as Coordinators, Producers, Post Supervisors and Operations Managers on projects you have seen on TV and at the Movies. Others have chosen hands on technical careers as Camera Men / Women, Grips, Lighting Specialists, Sound Technicians and Mixers. Even Accounting, Sales and Marketing positions in the Entertainment business are unlike any others outside the industry. Actually, we have discovered that these occupations and those with these skills are very much in demand.

In summary, between our experiences, meaning the Creator’s of the ‘Hollywood Survival Guide’ and the rest of the contributing staff here at The Oralce, along with the extensive interviews that we have conducted with people in all facets of show business. Our 100+ page ebook, has been carefully written so that we can share these stories and view points with you in a straight forward manner that you can easily understand. It gives a much more in depth look inside Hollywood, a much more comprehensive view  than our H.O. Blog gives, especially into all the topics mentioned above. With all of this work done for you already, just imagine the amount of time and money this Ebook will save you when you finally do decide to make your move to LA.

Don’t wait until you are standing at the corner of Hollywood and Highland to decide what your first move is…. Download your copy of the ‘HOLLYWOOD SURVIVAL GUIDE’ ebook now, follow the HollywoodOracle.com blog, and prepare yourself for the next phase of the rest of your life.