Somebody’s got to be living the Entourage life in Hollywood, and why shouldn’t it be you? Gorgeous, sunny Californian days. Booze, drugs, parties, premieres and supermodels. Money and fast everything sure beats sticking around the small town from where you graduated college or work at your stuffy 9-to-5 office job. Life’s too short to not imagine the impossible. Why not live it up while you’re young and chase after dreams dreams of home-cooked breakfasts in a mansion in the Hollywood hills and plentiful women to go around. Did you just celebrate your birthday drinking a couple Budweisers at the local wing joint? Are you trapped in a stale relationship? Tear down those birthday decorations, break up with the girl, pack your bags, head west and don’t spend another minute drowning in your mediocre life.

Find Good Looking Best Friend With Star Potential

How to Move to HollywoodDo any of your college buddies have superior acting talent or an exceptional-looking face of the Gods that will make puppies and babies cry? No? Los Angeles is a large enough city that if you searched hard enough, you could befriend your very own Vincent Chase. Loose curly locks aren’t a necessity but a charismatic, easygoing personality is desirable. In true Entourage style, you’re going to be riding the coattails of his financial success and exciting lifestyle. New “Best Friend” must be cool with it. offers various groups in Los Angeles for meeting new people and creating connections. Visit, and for information on where and what actors are doing in the biz. Tread carefully so to not cross into stalker territory.

Be Relentlessly Passionate Ambitious

To make it big in Hollywood and reap all the rewards, you need to develop a thick skin. The real-life Eric Murphy must be passionate, ambitious and confident. In other words: be prepared to take crap from the industry and city. In fact, embrace crap from the industry and city. Welcome it. You’re going to get rejected. You’re going to feel stupid. You’re going to get laughed at. If you’re living in Los Angeles with a bruised ego and hole in your wallet, then pat yourself on the back. You’ve made it in L.A. You’re experiencing life. Keep your eye on the prize and work hard. With perseverance, determination and little bit of street savvy, you can find success in the brutal biz, yet prolific town of Hollywood.


Rock Roll and Party Hard

You abandoned your apartment in the Midwest and sold your IKEA furniture on Craigslist to live large, right? Once you’ve made it to the West coast, look around. You’re in thee town where dreams come true and dudes get smoking-hot girls with sick bodies. Now, don’t die, but party, and party like you just gave up your comfortable life to do something big. Get that Entourage lifestyle. Have the back of your dude friends. Work long hours for that loose-cannon of a psycho boss. Go after the girls without fear. Maybe you’re not attending red carpet premieres every weekend or on the VIP list for Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Bunny party. But you’re in Hollywood. You can still party like a rock star.

The Oracle Has Spoken….

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