Trying to figure out whether you should move to Los Angeles or New York City is a very difficult decision, especially if you are hoping to find a career in the entertainment industry. Both have better job markets for the industry than just about every other city. They are both centers of culture, have some of the best restaurants in the world and are filled with young, dynamic and exciting people.

Vertical vs. Horizontal

But the two are very different. NYC is a vertical city filled with skyscrapers, high-rise apartment buildings and brownstones, LA is more horizontal. The cultures of the two are also very distinct. New York can be hectic and erratic. At times one can feel as though they are experiencing sensory overload. The world becomes a blur, as if your VisionDirect contacts have suddenly fogged over. Los Angeles, though still a bustling city, is far more laid back.


Move to LALos Angeles is a better choice if you do not feel as though you can handle the intensity of New York. While Central Park and Prospect Park are certainly world-class places to relax and find some peace, the moments of respite that these places offer can quickly be interrupted by a cornucopia of “only in New York” experiences that can include anything from a hippie drum circle to a bum fight. The relative peace of Los Angeles is only one of the upsides of moving to the West Coast.

A More Diverse Landscape

New York City is a concrete jungle. Los Angeles can be, too, but the option of going to either the mountains or the beach is available in a snap. With a living surf culture at Topanaga Beach in Malibu, and an eclectic vibe in Venice Beach, LA wins this battle. The mountains within Los Angeles may not be able to facilitate a serious skiing or snowboarding trip year-round, but they can always offer far more rigorous and secluded hikes than those available within New York City. Some of the best hiking trails can be found at Griffith Park, Franklin Canyon Park and Will Rogers State Park.

You Can Keep Your Car

New Yorkers rely on public transportation. True, it’s convenient, but every week you will have to deal with a packed subway car that contains a passed out bum who reeks of cheap vodka, feet and urine. The reason people don’t own cars in New York is because it is ridiculously expensive to park in a structure and virtually impossible to find a parking spot.

Food Trucks

New York and Los Angeles both have some of the best restaurants in the world. To pick one over the other would be incredibly difficult. If you’re trying to eat on a budget, however, Los Angeles has New York beat. Though New York is beginning to get on board with the food truck craze, they don’t service a host of neighborhoods, particularly (and ironically) the ones that are home to the people who actually need to eat cheaply, and would love anything besides the only three options available for under $6: pizza, falafel and hotdogs.

On top of being more prevalent, the food trucks in LA have more affordable and diverse meals. You will be able to get anything from fried chicken with cinnamon waffles at Buttermilk Truck, the French onion soup melt at the Grilled Cheese Truck and the Red Velvet Cookie Sandwich at the Sweets Truck, according to

New York is congested and expensive and it is very difficult to escape the feeling of claustrophobia that its busy streets can sometimes provoke. Los Angeles, while the city center is expensive, is far more open, which allows you to venture out to find more affordable housing and food— as well as moment or two of peace, whether its in the San Gabriel Mountains or on the gorgeous beaches of Santa Monica.

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