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When you think about it, it’s not that hard to understand why moving to LA could increase your chances of getting on any number of Game Shows and or Reality Tv shows if you have the right looks, personality and mindset for that particular project. I would guess that over 80% of these type of shows you seen on Tv today are produced right here in sunny southern California, which also means that they are cast here as well. Just because they say the contestant is from Chicago doesn’t mean he lives there. And at least over 60% of those shows are shot within the city limits of Los Angeles. Between myself and a few of the other Oralce staffers, we’ve been on 2 reality shows that aired, 2 game shows and we’ve probably tried out / auditioned for over 10 others over the years. Total prize money and goods won was $12,500 cash and a completely renovated back yard and pond. I also have another friend, that’s not connected to THO that won over 100k on the show ‘Minute 2 Win it’. That’s not to shabby for answering a few local Craigslist ads in your spare time. So it can happen, but it never will if you don’t search them out & tryout!

There are many reasons why you might consider trying out for these type of shows in your spare time, but it all really depends on what your motivations are personally. For me, it was either a chance to make some quick easy money, get a new addition on the house or a chance to get discovered. I have a feeling these will be your same reasons. But if fame is not your thing, then I’ll assume it’s the money or a new bathroom your after. Either way, there are some tips and advice I can give you to tilt the table in your favor if you ever feel the desire to get on Tv and make an complete ass out of yourself for dollar bills or on a televised date with 4 strangers. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered here at THO.

First things first, let’s assume you’re not out here cause you have some mental disorder that you need fixed. Scratch that, you probably do have one anyway, especially if you’re considering moving to LA but that’s something completely different. Reality shows that rely on things like you’re to fat, you hoard, your addicted to crack or your not my baby’s daddy can be easily applied to by mail. So don’t come to LA until they ask, we have enough of you people here already. :)

Obviously, many of the larger network reality / game shows that have small casts and multiple episode runs with the same cast returning are a little more difficult to get on than the One-Day only shows. These One-day only shows are the ones that I will be talking about here. I’m talking about shows that don’t require you to send in an audition tape prior to setting up a meeting. By all means, apply for those shows, but that’s not what I’m covering here. I’m talking about things you can do in your free time not things that require you to take 12 weeks off work.

These Single Episode Types are what you need to look for when searching, but don’t pick something you’re not at all good at. You won’t get the part, it will most likely be a waste of everyone’s time and you will probably make an ass out of yourself. But if that’s your thing, don’t let me stop you. The more tryouts you go on the better off you will be in understanding and getting comfortable with the process at hand. Plus, there is the off chance that the casting director won’t like you for that particular project, but may think you would be great for one of his others. It happens all the time!

Game shows of Chance – (Requires no skill – Deal or No Deal)
Game shows of Knowledge – (Requires a Brain – Jeopardy)
Game shows of Skill – (Requires Coordination – Minute 2 Win it)
Game show of Will – (Requires Balls – Wipe-out)

Reality Elimination Game Show – (Requires No Gag reflex – Fear Factor)
Reality Dating Shows – (Requires No Self Pride – 1 day only)
Reality People & Home Makeovers – (Requires a messy life – HGTV)

Game Show Testing – (Will explain later on..)

Tip #1 – Know your strengths – If your not that into Pop Culture, don’t tryout for a trivia show. If you know you could never eat a cow eye, don’t try out for Fear Factor. Get my point!

Tip #2 –  (….)

Oh No! I’m out of time. Come back Friday for the rest of these Game show tips. I’ll show you how to make some extra cash testing new game shows which may lead to you getting on the actual show when it airs… Yea Baby!!!

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