Once again, you can count on me to keep you informed on the important issues that will help you stay safe and succeed if you ever decide to move to LA to live and work. So I will offer you all this little tidbit of advice that is only useful one time a year. But valuable none the less.. So pay attention!

LA riotsIt’s mid-June in LA and that only means one thing these days and that is ‘Be careful outside boys and girls it’s Riot Season‘. Yes, that’s right folks, usually once a year around this time, a large group of highly educated Los Angelenos unite under one cause to outwardly express their deepest thoughts, feelings and view points about the huge problems they face in today’s society in regards to out of control unemployment, racial injustices and corrupt politicians. No No wait.. That’s not it.. J/K – It’s Lakers Basketball. And they have either just Won the Championship or just Lost it. Either way, this is what you can expect if you decide to go to that final game or if your one of the lucky ones who just get caught driving in the vicinity of Staples Center on that auspicious night.

Be ready for it… Are you ready? Please enjoy your training video on what to pack in case you find yourself in the mist of a lovely Riot.. Please PLAY VIDEO and continue reading..

So one more time, don’t forget to do or pack these things if you really want to fit in with group of experienced Rioters..

1. Eight quarters for Bus fare $2 (Where did my cabbie go)
2. Bandana to cover Face $5 ( Looking look a bandit is LA Cool +Your Incognito)
Orange parking Cones $45 ( Always good in a pinch if you need to throw something at something )
A Good Lighter $1 ( When the firebug urge hits.. Having a good reliable fire source is a great idea.. Fire Good!!..)
5. Cell Phone to video tape everyone so they get caught by the police (Priceless )

I’m So Happy I could Riot! How about You?
See you in LA soon…

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