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All Rights Reserved : Ted VanCleave (2012 - Behind The Hollywood Sign )

Ted VanCleave’s art has received numerous honors and distinctions.  His work was selected by Laura Rosenstock, Curator, The Museum of Modern Art, New York to appear in the Faber Birren Color Award Show and he was awarded Top National Honors from the prestigious National Watercolor Society.  Featured interviews of VanCleave have received a worldwide audience on CNN among others.  His highly stylized photographs, innovative sculptures and abstract paintings offer an exciting new approach to these popular mediums.

And by the way, this guy Ted, he’s a friend of the Hollywood Oracle Website. We’ve been using one of his photos from his 2010 Hollywood Sign Series as our main icon for the Oralce site. Check it Out, it’s on our Home Page.

In 2010, his Hollywood Sign series was selected as the inaugural exhibit for The Gallery at The Art Institute of California Hollywood by President Gregory J. Marick.

Click Image To See Full 2010 Series

“Upon first seeing his photography of the Hollywood Sign, I was awed by VanCleave’s artistry, compelling me to contemplate the icon which I’ve seen a thousand times before but which never before looked so fresh. The details, perspective and colors come together in ways which cast a new light on this familiar landmark – a fantastic creative achievement worthy of celebration in The Gallery at The Art Institute of California Hollywood.”

Greg Marick, President, Art Institute of California, Hollywood, CA

Luckily for us

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Britain is keen on the Southfork Ranch, and so are more than 900,000 fans on Facebook that “like” the fictional Ewing family from the revamped television series “Dallas.” A legion of viewers chat about the reborn series on nearly 33,000 discussion threads on the official Turner Network Television website. “Dallas” originally ran on network TV from 1978 to 1991 and was resurrected on cable by TNT July 11, drawing a record crowd of nearly 7 million viewers. So far, it is the top fictional series on cable in 2012.

Reunited and Ready to Wrangle

TNT DALLAS TV SHOWThe complications of Southfork life remain as sticky as the oily goo underground. Forget about the question “Who killed J.R.?” that fueled viewership in the early ’80s. Britain’s The Guardian newspaper cheekily notes that viewers today likely are wondering who put J.R. in an old people’s home. Fans of the original who have been limited to network TV can get information about subscribing to cable on web sites such as, so they can catch up on their favorite Ewings.

Entertainment Weekly describes the new series as

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If LA is place to be, than I guess things just got a bit more crowded in the streets of Hollywood. Hollywood's cycle of revolving celebrities seems to me to be a big waste of our time.. Who Cares !

America's douche capital is about to get a whole lot douchier:

Hollywood Sign

Image by AtomicPope via Flickr

Olympic swimmer and gold-medal douche Ryan Lochte went on the Today Show this morning to tell Matt Lauer, “I definitely want to move to L.A.”

Why Los Angeles, and not his Florida hometown? “That's been a big goal of mine, getting into fashion,” explained Lochte, “because…”

“… you know what? That is my passion. When swimming's all said and done, I definitely want to get into fashion and design my own clothing line.”

Great. We all know what the Lochte line will look like: winged America shoes and blinged America grills and personalized America shades. Beat that, Ed Hardy.

Lochte's also looking to cash in on his Olympic fame with spots on L.A. reality shows Dancing With the Stars and the Bachelor — and TV execs aren't exactly denying their mutual interest.

…More at Ryan Lochte Is Moving to Los Angeles – LA Weekly (blog)

Hopefully Ryan will stop by the Hollywood oracle Offices so we can give him a big Welcome Basket of Hollywood Crap.. I mean Swag!


Where is Hollywood

Location Location Location

There are many things that you need to consider before you decide on a move to LA or even just a visit. One of the most important factors to think about if you’re really thinking about moving to LA is finding a place in close proximity to that first job. Remember, rush hour traffic in LA can easily turn an 10 hour day into a 13 hour day. Living in Santa Monica and working in Burbank will consume most of your free time and patience by the end of your hectic work week! You won’t be a fun roommate and your social life will suffer severely. Once you get a better idea of the surrounding areas after the first year out here, you can than venture further away from an employer. Use these special LA Maps we’ve created to get a better idea of the local neighborhoods in this vast metropolis we call La La Land.

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New Transformers 4′ movie confirmed and will bring a second trilogy to life. According to film commentator George Wales who has recently spoken up on the Total Film website, and revealed that the 4th installment will certainly not be a reboot. They are more likely to launch a 2nd trilogy, and continue to move the story along.

Transformers 4 Movie

By: DannyArt84

The series is getting new human actors and there won’t be a single human character from the old films- it’s a whole new cast. One of the new ideas Michael Bay is firing up: the possibility of bringing the Autobots and Decepticons into outer space, but he doesn’t want it to be “too sci-fi.”

“I want to keep it grounded,” Michael Bay mentioned at the Heros’ Film Festival in Los Angeles. “That’s what works in these movies, and that’s what makes it accessible.”

There’s even a new Universal Studios digital ride called Transformers- 3D. Bay helped with the engineering and conceptual ideas and Universal staff assisted Bay with the space and flight simulators. This just-opened ride, $100 million digital installment, is a four-minute long 3D experience. In addition to the new ride, there’s even a new Transformers gift shop were visitors can purchase T-shirts, magnets, masks, coffee mugs, and toys for the youngsters.

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If you got Big Talent and a pair of matching ‘Big Cojones’, you too can do whatever the hell you want in show business and still succeed no matter who’s feathers you ruffle.

FX LouieLouis C.K. of the very funny FX comedy series’s ‘Louie’ is that ‘Big Talent’ and yes, those are is his big Brass Cojones smashing down the doors of the old way of doing business in showbiz. For all you new up and comers on the comedy tour, you should be paying attention to what he’s doing right now. He’s a trailblazer. Not just 6 months ago, good ole’ Louis chopped out the TV networks by selling his latest comedy special online and then used the networks to promote it. (Full Story is Here.) Nice One Louie…

And just recently he pulled off a $4.5 Million ticket experiment for his upcoming Live Comedy Tour. He chopped out the ticket vendors like ‘Ticketmaster & Live Nation’ and only sold tickets exclusively on his website. $4.5million worth and NO FEES. (That Full Story is Here). Another nice one Louie, way to stick it to the man.

His FX series, “Louie,” premieres its third season Thursday night at 10:30.

The tour kicks off on October 3 in Cleveland.

 “I’m a leaf on the wind. Watch me soar.”

firefly poster
Rumblings around Hollywood and Ground Zero today is that Joss Whedon, along with Nathan Fillion and the rest of the cast of the Sci-Fi Cult hit television series ‘Firefly’ and it’s Movie spin-off ‘Serenity’ will be attending the 2012 Comic Con convention in San Diego this year in July. They will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the show. It’s amazing that it’s already been 10 years since this short-lived series meet it’s untimely demise. As a huge fan of the series myself as well as the movie, it’s really amazing to see what good writing and talented acting can create in such a short time span of being together. I find myself watching the re-runs of this series many times over and they never seem to get old. Why is that? Very few shows have ever been able to do that as far as I’m concerned. So, for all your brown coats out there, stop by and say high if you’re in the galaxy and let’s keep our fingers crossed for a Sequel.

comic con 2012
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