On any given film shoot, especially one that’s on location that runs longer than 2 weeks, crew members will seem to find themselves with a lot of free time on their hands while on set. No matter what department you are in, you will always end up having to wait on someone or something else to happen before you can continue your job duties. I’m talking hours of waiting at a time. Camera’s always waiting for lighting, lighting is always waiting for the grips. Then the camera begins waiting for the director, who always seems to be waiting for something no one else knows about! Then there’s the waiting for the talent that’s always with hair and make-up, don’t get me started on them. Point is, there’s lots of frick’n waiting on set. You gonna need something to do. Luckily for you, I’ve created this simple little starter-kit for you. My Top 10 Things you should be doing while you wait for those clouds to move out of frame. Listed in reverse order for suspense purposes.

Top 10 Things To Do On A Hollywood Film Set:

pajuice10. Sneak some food and or some ice cream from the catering truck when they’re not there.. (They hate that, don’t get caught! But it sure is fun to have when no one else has one. Easy to get caught that way too. If you’re the only one that is with an Otter-Pop in hand.)

9. Sit down on your ass and take a nap.. You’ve been working hard. 12 / 14 / 16 hour days.. It’s Allowed. Sneak away.. That’s why you have a

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Hollywood Studio Lots – Are The Best Places To Work in Hollywood

That was the title of my last post. I’m pretty sure now I’m not that enthusiastic about them anymore. I hate you Hollywood Studio Lot! Why have you forsaken me?

One of the hard truths that you will find out about if you finally do decide to try and make a career in the Hollywood Film & TV industry is, jobs come and go at the blink of an eye. You may never know when it will happen or why it happens, but just know that at some point it will happen to you. And most likely, it will happen when you least expect it. So you better be prepared to roll with the punches if you’re gonna survive this roller coaster of a town. One day you’re thinking to yourself, I’m King of the World and then somehow out of nowhere on the next day you find out that you’re actually now King of Jack-Shit.

Hollywood unemployment lineFive weeks into my new reality show job, which was supposed to last for the next 5 months, just got the axe from the network. That’s right, entire show cancelled even before the first episode of eight was in the can. WTF is that all about. There’s nothing like witnessing 30 people get fired all at once, it’s quite a site I must say. That’s why you should always be very leery of that mid-morning conference call that everyone from production is ordered to listen in on. It’s never gonna be a good conversation!  Just remember, on a conference call no one knows who’s making the fart noises on the other end, so feel free to fart away if you’ve just been fired over the phone!

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What’s Outside Your Window at Work ?

What’s the coolest thing about working in the Hollywood Production Industry?  For me, it’s especially frick’n cool if you can get a job on a Hollywood Studio Production Lot.  Mainly because,  it’s all about the crazy things you get to see everyday. Many times on a lot, movie props or sets get shuffled by you and you have no clue what the hell it is or what show it’s for. Other times, you see things that have defined a generation. Things the rest of the world only wish they could see or be apart of. There’s nothing better than sitting in your new office and seeing a prop from one of your favorite TV shows being parked right outside your window. And then it hits you, you realize that they’re actually filming your favorite TV show right outside your building for the next 3 months. And you think to yourself.. Wow! That’s Cool. And then you  remember why your in this business.

Who can guess what show this Movie / Tv  Prop is from…? Anyone… ?
‘Slice of Life’

Dexter Slice of life

Hint.. Dead people in trash Bags don’t float..

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Dreams are only Dreams until you do something about them…

The Oracle @ Sunset Gower Studios

Step # 1Move to Los Angeles… (Hardest Step of All.. Just do it you big baby !)
Step # 2 – Find an Apartment in Hollywood…  (Not that difficult.. Not that expensive)
Step # 3 – Find a Job in Hollywood. (PA Jobs are the best. Waitress will do.)
Step # 4 – Start playing the Hollywood Networking game… (Play Hard. Play Smart)

The Hollywood Job ladder….

Many times, the one with the biggest Rolodex wins the game of life in LA LA Land. Opportunity is always knocking in Hollywood.  Be the Doorman and you will most likely at some point own the door.  (p.s. For all you kiddy’s out there,  if you don’t know what a Rolodex is… Google it and stop making me feel old! )

hollywood Job ladderWhile your working at that first Hollywood job you get, no matter what it is. Better yet, even before that point. You must become the ‘bone collector’ (those are business cards or at least phone numbers) of everyone and everything you come across that relates to what you want to do in showbiz upon your arrival. You must become an ambassador of goodwill for yourself and or your company that you may represent. Just like that old guy at your local Walmart that greets everyone that comes in the store, you need to be the doorman now, if you really want to succeed in this town. Meet and greet everyone like they’re your new best friend. Your dreams just may depend on it..

The goal being, hopefully one day you may get to choose the vendors your company uses or you may get to hire the freelancers that make-up the rank file of your production crew.  That fat Rolodex of contacts you’ve created over your past few gigs just may be what gets you that next Hollywood job promotion. Don’t be that person that’s ‘To Cool’ to ask for a card. Because having those

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Never fear, the ‘Hollywood Oracle’ is here. If you got a question, we got an answer.
Help us.. Help You..

‘Kelly’ writes in
Love your site.. I’m graduating college from the University of North Texas next x-mas with a degree in Tv’ / Film Production and was wondering if I should move to LA right away or should I wait till the summertime.? I guess what I’m asking is… Are their more jobs available now or during the summer. Thanks for any response… Kelly.

‘Oracle’ Reply
Hey Kelly,
Thanks for loving our site… The quick answer to your question is.. Right Away!  January and February is great time to arrive in LA to find work, if you can afford to that is. If money is tight after your graduate get a job at home for a few months first and save some cash, then get your butt out here ASAP. Because you won’t survive out here if you only have a couple $1000 dollars on you. The money will go quick, too quick and then you’ll be back at home wondering how the hell your mother turned your bedroom into a knitting barn in less then 3 months.

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The UTA Job List (United Talent Agency)… It’s one of the most sought after and anticipated Entertainment Industry Job Lists for Hollywood. And it’s main area of expertise is for assistant level employment in showbiz. This list is not for the weak or simple minded person. If you apply for these jobs, you better have your shit together. That doesn’t mean you need prior experience necessarily. It just means you better be a go getter with a brain on your shoulders. Having thick skin and a big set of a (b…s) won’t hurt you either. This list is not made public for the average ‘Joe Shmoe’ and can not be re-printed or re-published without the direct consent of its creators.

UTA Job List

Luckily one of our local fans here at the Hollywood Oracle has access to this list and publishes it monthly on his website Blog. If you’re a Hollywood Oracle Facebook Fan Page follower, you may have seen

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What are you good at?

For some of you lucky ones out there, you already know what you want to do in Hollywood before you even get here. But for some, it’s not as easy. For a few, It will be like starting a four college with ‘UNDECLARED’ for a major.  It’s going to take some time to figure out what you’re good at and what you like to do for 70 hours a week.  Luckily for you people, we discovered this hilarious ‘Job Flow’ diagram for the Hollywood Entertainment Industry. We’re not sure who it was created by, but thought we would share it with you in hopes it can clear some things up for you in regards to your Hollywood Career path.

Good Luck, And make sure you follow every possible route for a better understanding of what you’re getting into.. Start at the Top Center